Setting Up The Index Controller For Phasmophobia

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Setting Up The Index Controller For Phasmophobia
Setting Up The Index Controller For Phasmophobia

While many players are using the new Oculus Quest 2 or the older Oculus Rift S, some don’t want to deal with setting up a Facebook account to play virtual reality. Phasmophobia is very fun and immersive with virtual reality, but it’s just as fun without it.

Those who want to play with a VR but don’t want to mess with an Oculus can try the Valve Index manufactured by Valve themselves. However, Phasmophobia isn’t well-implemented for the Valve Index controllers, so you’ll have to tweak them a bit for a better experience in the game.

What Are Some Complaints With The Index Controllers For Phasmophobia

Players are experiencing several issues when trying to play Phasmophobia with the Index Controllers:

  • Players complain of needing to grip too tightly in the hold mode to keep items in their hands.
  • Players complain about the hand position when handling equipment.
  • Players are unable to open their journals using the Valve Index Controllers.

What Are The Optimal Settings For The Best Phasmophobia Experience Using Valve Index Controllers?

Just because you don’t want to use Oculus products doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in Phasmophobia. Here are some tips for setting up your Valve Index Controllers for the optimal ghost hunting experience.

  • Using these controller angles: 30 0 -60.
  • Turn community bindings “ON” or “OFF” to Enable (or Disable) trackpad movement.
  • It’s recommended to keep Grip Clicking “ON” but disable tracking.
  • Players can set up their grip grab in the Touch/Hold settings. This helps players grab items easier.
  • You can keep tracking on if you want a more immersive movement.

These are only the recommended settings. If you find you’re more comfortable with other settings in Phasmophobia for your Valve Index controllers, then don’t be afraid to find out what works for you.

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