Second Extinction Coming to Early Access in September

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Second Extinction Video Game Early Access
Second Extinction Video Game Early Access

One of the most popular titles at the Xbox May event was Second Extinction. The new title from the creators of Generation Zero puts us in the shoes of a soldier willing to do anything to recover the land of the dinosaurs who have taken it.

To do this, we must work as a team with two other players. Here, we will face various missions to regain control of the planet.

The concept is a pretty good idea. One that has already been presented to us is the Raptor, one of the dinosaurs that we will have to face. Besides, the company has confirmed today that the game will arrive in Early Access on PC next September.

Second Extinction Video Game Screenshot
Second Extinction Video Game Screenshot

Second Extinction Changes The Beta For An Early Access

It is quite a novelty since a Beta phase of the game was announced for this summer. Something that in the end will not happen, since the developer has decided to launch Second Extinction as an Early Access title on Steam sometime next September.

To compensate all those who had signed up to play the Second Extinction beta this summer, the company announced that it would give them two bonuses. These are exclusive skin and weapon skin for the assault rifle.

Second Extinction will arrive in early access to PC via Steam next September. On the other hand, its final launch is still scheduled for the end of 2020. And in 2021, we will be able to enjoy the Xbox Series X version of the title. It is a version that will have Raytracing, 4K, and 60fps.

What Can You Expect in The Early Access?

The original idea was to conduct a Beta. However, Systemic Reaction clarified, on the Second Extinction official page, that this would have stopped the project, “without letting us deliver the best version of the War Effort metagame for Second Extinction. Better yet, Early Access was has been presented as the best way to start the journey with you, allowing us to start earlier than expected.”

War Effort is a sophisticated way of referring to the cooperative model of Second Extinction, which will be dynamic and where the performance of the community will affect the level of threat or difficulty of the dinosaurs in each scenario of the game.

“This threat level is adjusted weekly, and that’s one of the things we want to see as part of Early Access,” they said.

War Effort will also be an integral part of the inclusion of new dinosaurs, missions, etc. and is, as far as we can see with this explanation, it is an equivalent of the Battlefield V Tides of War, but with a cooperative approach.

“Our team can now also confirm that it will bring Second Extinction to Xbox Series X in 2021. So form your squad. Pick your weapons and prepare for deployment. We can’t wait to find you in the unknown.” In parallel with this announcement, Second Extinction was seen in a new trailer showcasing its graphical muscle and action for 3-player squads.

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  1. Second Extinction looks A M A Z I N G ! I love anything with dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, all that, this is gonna be so fun. I’m especially fascinated with dinosaurs but terrified of them at the same time. Love the graphics in this, can’t wait <3

  2. Is the background really green like that in the second screenshot you posted of Second Extinction?

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