Sea Of Trees – Teaser Trailer 2020

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Sea Of Trees – Teaser Trailer 2020

Check out teaser trailer for Sea Of Trees Horror RPG.

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“Follow the story of a young woman (Yuka) thrust into a guardian role over her younger sister (Maki) after the disappearance and presumed death of their parents. A year after their deaths, Maki began having visions of their mother, beckoning Maki to come into the Sea of Trees to find her. While concerned, Yuka chalked these visions up to grief. However, after Maki disappears one night, Yuka follows her trail to the very place their parents disappeared. Take control of Yuka as she adventures through an alternate world within the Sea of Trees filled with friendly, mischievous, and evil spirits to bring back her sister and solve the mystery of her parent’s disappearance.”

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