Running Is Too Slow In Phasmophobia

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Running Is Too Slow In Phasmophobia
Running Is Too Slow In Phasmophobia

If you want to see something far from an unpopular opinion, then reread the title:

Running is way too slow in Phasmophobia.

How Fast Do Players Run?

To answer this question simply: not fast enough. Even with about an eight-second head start, ghosts (especially Revenants) run faster than the players. Of course, you shouldn’t run in a straight line away from the ghost. Look for a door or locker to shut yourself inside of quickly.

It’s A Nuisance On Larger Maps

If you’re standing at the other end of a larger room where the exit is on the other side of the room, then all hope is lost for you. When you’re going in to set up motion sensors, position a crucifix, or place a book down, do so as quickly as possible. If you spent too much time sweeping for the ghost, make sure you check your sanity and take sanity pills before going back in to set up and collect evidence. This makes it easier for you to be closer to the door and closer to safety.

Our Characters Still Run Too Slow

While there are plenty of adjustments players can make to ensure they have a good head start to get away from the ghost, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that we run too slow. Even with a “sprint” button (shift key by default), we’re still barely crawling through locations. This new prison map released today made us realize just how slow we are as we slowly make our way from the truck to the entrance (which feels like a mile with how fast our characters walk)

Do you want our players to walk (or sprint) just a little faster in Phasmophobia?

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