Ruined Portal And Ravine At Spawn Seed (November 2020 1.16.4)

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Ruined Portal And Ravine At Spawn Seed (November 2020 1.16.4)
Ruined Portal And Ravine At Spawn Seed (November 2020 1.16.4)

There’s nothing like reminiscing about the past. I remember it would take at least thirty minutes minimum to collect what you needed to create a nether portal, and that’s if you were really lucky with resources. Now, you can simply walk up to a ruined portal and put one together. These ruined portals are found above ground or underground, and if you’re lucky: you’ll find a ruined nether portal at spawn.

This Seed Contains:

  • One ruined portal at spawn
  • One ravine at spawn

Seed Name: Phasmophobia
Seed Code: -185417105

Minecraft Ruined Portal
Minecraft Ruined Portal

Ruined Portal

X: 78.577
Y: 69.98439
Z: 330.744

It doesn’t look like you’ll need to wait very long to start your adventure into the nether. There’s a ruined nether portal really close to spawn. However, I wouldn’t suggest going in right away if you have what you need to rebuild it with the chest behind the portal. Fortunately, there’s a ravine nearby where you can gather basic resources.

Minecraft Ravine
Minecraft Ravine


X: 150.404
Y: 71.39683
Z: 324.197

If you’re not ready to walk into the nether yet, you don’t have to. It’s best to upgrade yourself to iron, at the very minimum. Fortunately, there’s plenty of iron down in this ravine before you step into the nether. Kill yourself some nearby wildlife, or start a small bread farm at the water nearby, so you’re not going in without food.

If your goal is to get into the nether right away, then this is the Minecraft seed for you.

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  1. I wish there was a village nearby or this would be the perfect seed, can you find one with a nearby village? that would be cool

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