Rocksteady Announces Suicide Squad Video Game

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Suicide Squad Video Game
Suicide Squad Video Game

Rocksteady Studios has announced a Suicide Squad video game.

For months, there have been rumours that Rocksteady Studios has been developing a Suicide Squad-inspired DC comic book video game. Rocksteady spontaneously confirmed the rumours today in a tweet posted earlier today.

The tweet revealed that the full game will be announced at the upcoming DC FanDome event on August 22nd, and it included a full posted for the upcoming game which features the game’s Suicide Squad logo plastered over Superman’s head like a target.

According to Eurogamer, the announcement comes after the news website spotted that Rocksteady had registered the domain which has led to speculation that that could be the game’s title.

It’s also sparked speculation that the game will involve the Suicide Squad, a group of villains from the DC comic book universe, who are sent out on a mission to find and kill the Justice League.

However, two other additional domains were registered too; and

Not much else is known about the project but there have been rumours that the game will be a ‘games as a service’ like with the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game. Unfortunately, we’ll need to wait for confirmation on this and whether or not the game is multiplayer, single-player or a mix of both.

We’ll also have to wait and see what characters will appear as part of the Justice League if featured in the game, and which characters will form the Suicide Squad. Superman has seemingly been confirmed by his appearance on the poster.

In both the films and comics, the Suicide Squad has featured villains Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Enchantress, the Joker, Deadshot, Nightshade, the Penguin, Black Adam, Amanda Waller, Count Vertigo, and many others.

DC FanDome

As mentioned, we’ll see more information about the game at the upcoming DC FanDome event. The event will run for 24-hours and will feature dozens of guest stars from upcoming DC movies such as Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wig, Dwayne Johnson, Viola Davis, and Suicide Squad film director James Gunn.

WB Games will also be appearing at the virtual event showing off the Suicide Squad. We may also see the upcoming rumoured Batman video game too which has been nicknamed Gotham Knights as per the domain registration leak. The rumoured Batman game is reportedly based on the Court Of Owls comic book storyline and has been in development for several years.

We may see potential Lego titles too but it’s unlikely we’ll see an announcement of the unofficial Harry Potter video game and it’s unknown when we’ll get more information on this title despite it being part of Warner Bros.

For now, we’ll have to take all rumours surrounding the game and other Warner Bros. titles with a pinch of salt, and we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from Rockstead at the DC FanDome event. In the meantime, keep checking back for all the latest gaming news.

Image Credit: Rocksteady Studios

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  1. Thanks for the great news Fabian. I’ve always wanted to play a Suicide Squad game and I hope this one delivers the goods with a Suicide Squad that reflects the comic books more than the movies (although I don’t think Suicide Squad deserved all the hate it got). Put in Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and Enchantress as the core and maybe allow players to eventually get other villains, similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance where you build your own time. What do you think?

  2. I hope Rocksteady does a great job with the Suicide Squad game. I love the Suicide Squad so naturally I will be so happy to get this game, I just hope it’s worth the money.

  3. I’m really intrigued to see the gameplay of this new Suicide Squad game. I really hope this would lead to a Superman game instead of them being constantly cancelled.

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