Rocket League Cross-Platform Update and Bonus

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Rocket League Cross-Platform Update and Bonus
Rocket League Cross-Platform Update and Bonus

Rocket League will receive a major update at the end of this summer. Then, the game will become free to play on all platforms.

But this development is accompanied by the crossover progress with which we can share their progress of the Rocket Pass. This has been detailed by Psyonix, the company responsible for the title.

How to Access the Update?

To enjoy this crossover, we must have an Epic Games account. After the update, we will be asked to log in with this account, and we will be asked to indicate our main platform.

It must be the one with the progression data that we want to share. Of course, the credits and the Esports Token will remain in each account, since it is not possible to transfer them from one platform to another.

We can also link our Nintendo Switch Online accounts or the rest of the platforms with our username and password and select it as the primary account. As an extra incentive, by linking our platforms, we will receive the Chopper EG wheels for free.

Epic Games Account Linking Steps
Epic Games Account Linking Steps

Once they have linked their different accounts, players will be able to choose a platform as their primary one. This way, the data on the progress of the Rocket Pass, the competitive rank and the level of experience are shared with the rest of the platforms.

If for some reason you make a mistake in choosing the primary platform, or you want to make a change, there will be no problem. All you will have to do is disconnect the account from the platform that was set as primary and choose another in that place.

As for the inventory, you will be able to share it with this crossover. It means that if we have completed the Rocket Pass 2 on a PC, we can share all those items and use them in our account on Switch.

Of course, some inventories will not be available in this crossover. They say they are working so that the Premium DLC acquired on one platform may one day be on the rest of the platforms. Unfortunately, it is not an option that will arrive with this FREE TO PLAY update.

Rocket League Game Play

Items You Can Share and Not

Psyonix offers a couple of listings that specify which elements can be shared in this unified progression and which will stay on their respective platforms of origin, we present them below:

Items shared on all platforms

  • All free items (common items, event items)
  • Season rewards and titles
  • Rocket Pass elements
  • Blueprints and elements built with the blueprints
  • All Rocket League branded downloadable content, including the Legacy Pack

Items that cannot be shared

  • Exclusive skins from some versions of the game such as Sweeth Tooth from PlayStation or those of Mario, Luigi and Samus from Nintendo.
  • The DLC of the Ultimate physical versions, that is, the Batman and DC Superheroes packages
  • Premium DLC from licenses such as Back To The Future, Jurassic World, Fast and the Furious, Ghostbusters, etc.
  • The balance of Credits and Esports tokens.

Anti-Fraud System Update

To minimize fraud, the items purchased can only be sold on the same platform on which they were purchased. You can manage exchangeable items on any platform.

However, it will only be possible between players on the same platform. As another anti-fraud measure, players who want to trade something will be required to purchase at least 500 credits. As long as they are not Rocket League users before this update, that they should not abide by this requirement.

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  1. Awesome, glad to see more games turning free. I will have to add Rocket League to my list. I’m always on the hunt for new games.

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