Rocket Arena

Game Description

There are several essential concepts in Rocket Arena, but the fundamental one is that this is a Hero Shooter. To start, we have ten characters, each with 100 levels of progression that allow us to unlock cosmetic elements (more than 350) and artifacts to use in combat.

We do not have a division of characters like in Overwatch, for example, where we see very clearly, which are the DPS, which are the defense ones, the doctors, or the heavy ones.

Whether they are huge or bigger, the mobility is fantastic in everyone, and what changes are both the weapon and the two abilities that each character has. Yes, there is only “one weapon” in the game, a rocket launcher, but each character has a variant.

Amphora has a kind of water bubble gun that does not need to be recharged, and its secondary shot is a triple shot that looks for enemies (this, by the way, is quite a lopsided character compared to the others since he is very powerful). Boone has a blunderbuss that fires many projectiles with his main shot, doing a lot of damage up close, but little from a distance. To attack targets at a distance, it has a secondary shot that works as a precision rifle.

Topnotch launches traditional rockets and is capable of creating a rocket shower with his secondary one. Others like Rev have a mine launcher and a rocket machine gun. They are all rocket launchers, but as we say, they do not work the same in their rate of fire, range of action or damage, nor in the fall or explosion of each projectile ae all vary.

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