Returning To Vana’diel: One Last Trip Home – Chapter Three

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Returning To Vana’diel One Last Trip Home - Chapter Three

I like to plan things ahead of time. That might sound like a great habit to have, but sometimes I feel that costs me valuable time in my day. I went through the old Final Fantasy XI Wikipedia to figure out what I wanted to do. I don’t foresee myself doing any serious endgame in FFXI. I’m mostly going to be a solo player just to finish all the old storylines from each expansion.

If I’m going by the rules of how things were when I was an active player, that meant I needed to plan ahead for jobs like Blue Mage, Dancer, or Red Mage. Of course, that meant I needed to think about which starter job I’d go with. Then I had to sit down and think about the time commitment it would take to do this solo. I know trusts and RoE exists. Yes, I did extensive research on the University of Google, but that took more time out of my day than I care to admit.

I did all this while I sat on the character creation screen, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I had to listen to the different themes of each race as I spent hours doing research. I also wanted to make my last run through Final Fantasy XI to have a connection with my first one by playing the same Hume male I played when I first started, but I also really liked a second character I played around 2006: An Elvaan female.

I mean, yeah, she looks great on the character creation screen, but it doesn’t translate well into the game. Also, I remembered the Elvaan female combat animations looking a little weird to me back then. Maybe I should give her a chance? I decided to have a character I’d enjoy looking at for hours than having the satisfaction of ending with the same character model I started with.

After starting, I realized I chose the wrong Elvaan model. She’s still great, but she wasn’t the one I played in 2006. I didn’t realize it until I was in the San d’Oria cutscene between Trion and Pieuje. I was trying to remember their story. I believe one prince has a standing army while the other commands the “national guard” of the city. Of course, both should be respected, but one is looked down on because they don’t go on grand adventures out in the wild.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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