Returning To Vana’diel: One Last Trip Home – Chapter One

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I knew logging back into Final Fantasy XI for the first time in years wouldn’t be a seamless experience. I downloaded the Windower program because trying to log in to FFXI through Steam made it look like a Super Nintendo game. I know there are ways to fix the resolution through the game’s native settings, but I wanted to use Windower anyway because of some of the add-ons.

The First Red Flag

I knew things weren’t starting off on the right foot when I launched the config utility menu to work on the gamepad (because I’m a dirty controller player) and immediately ran into some issues. For some reason, it wasn’t registering any of my button presses. I had to take time to research why it wasn’t working, and I had thought everything was good to go. I tested the gamepad, and everything was as it was in my Xbox 360 days.

The Second Red Flag

I logged in to Southern San d’Oria and immediately couldn’t progress the dialogue with my controller. Everything was good to go in the settings, but my controller wasn’t registering, except for moving my character. That’s fine; I somehow remembered how to do simple keyboard commands when my wireless Xbox 360 controller died, and I had to do things old school.

The Third Red Flag

If you haven’t noticed, I’m using screenshots I’ve found on various Final Fantasy Wikipedia pages. That’s because, while I was getting the confirmation that I was taking screenshots through Windower, they weren’t actually saving anywhere. I wasn’t aware they weren’t being saved until I logged out, thinking I was going to have beautiful screenshots for the first chapter of my return home series. I even have screenshots of my first trip back out to Ronfaure in years. A memory I won’t get back. I could go back and troubleshoot everything again, but it won’t be that genuine experience.

Stepping back out into Ronfaure gave me goosebumps. I immediately hit the screenshot key, thinking, “finally, I’m back home.” Only for that screenshot to go nowhere.

Not the best start, but who am I to let red flags stand in the way of my “swan song”?

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