Resident Evil Village Confirmed To Have First-Person Gameplay

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Resident Evil Village Confirmed To Have First-Person Gameplay

A couple of months ago, we speculated whether Resident Evil Village would be first-person or not. The Resident Evil series debuted with a fixed camera angle. Many of the earlier games in the Resident Evil series used a fixed camera or third-person angle. However, after Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released, many were surprised to see a first-person camera. This angle made for a completely different Resident Evil experience than we were used to.

Resident Evil Village Have The First-Person Camera

Resident Evil Village Game News Scene from The Village

Unfortunately for the Resident Evil fans wanting to go back to a simpler time of fixed camera angles, players will face off against a variety of enemies using first-person gameplay. Since Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, it makes sense to continue the same aesthetic (especially when Biohazard was commercially successful and well-received).

The developers stated they feel the first-person view is better for immersion, and we believe them. It’s a more immersive horror, especially in games like Phasmophobia or Visage, to let players see the world through a first-person camera.

It also makes sense to have a first-person camera for Resident Evil 8 because of the guarding system being implemented in the game. The developers stated that guarding is just as important to combat in Resident Evil Village as using weapons.

What is your opinion on the camera angle of Resident Evil Village?

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