Resident Evil Village Confirmed For The PlayStation 4

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Resident Evil Village Confirmed For The PlayStation 4

For months, everyone speculated about the possibility of Resident Evil 8 (better known as Resident Evil Village) coming out for the PS4. Since the sequel’s announcement to Resident Evil 7’s Biohazard, there had been no official confirmation until January 21st’s Resident Evil Showcase.

When Is Resident Evil Village’s Release Date?

Resident Evil Village Release Date

As of January 21st, 2021, Resident Evil Village has a worldwide release date of May 7th, 2021. Resident Evil 8 will also have a deluxe version of the game that will come with some interesting items. However, if you’re a true Resident Evil fan, you’ll want to grab the collector’s edition of the game.

Is Resident Evil Village Confirmed For The PlayStation 4?

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Scene

Despite the stunning next-generation graphics that look like it’ll push the limits of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, Resident Evil Village is confirmed for the PlayStation 4. That means PS4 players who are still struggling to get their hands on a PS5 won’t have to miss out on continuing the story after Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

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