Resident Evil 8

Game Description

The Resident Evil series is coming back with Capcom ‘s 8th chapter of his main story about the Mac, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which aims to create a groundbreaking, like never before, survival horror experience. Years after the nightmare, through his father, Ethan Winters found peace and normal life. A future that a hero of yesteryear, Chris Redfield, will shortly kill.

The creators have published a special note with the critical teaser. In it, they clarify that they are concerned with the game as Resident Evil 8. The use of the term Village is not just a word game. It influences the gameplay. The theme starts with a terror-related production sequence, but with “a little more activity” than its precursor. More accurate visuals, seamless audio, and no loading times can be listed among the enhancement we will see here.

The design of the community and the characters we will encounter will play an essential part in developing the game. The position they give us will play a crucial role, influencing the design of the game. It is in the first person, so that we sound like Ethan, and maintain the suspense that characterizes the room. Exploration will be necessary, so at a certain level, something more accessible is needed, even if we do not know how far.

We seem to be heading to Europe, although it’s not going to be lost in a town in Spain this time. During the inventory, which was very nice. There was also a coin named 100 lei, which corresponds to the type of money used in Romania.