Relatable Final Fantasy XIV Memes: Part One

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Relatable Final Fantasy XIV Memes Part One

Everyone is on edge waiting for the release of Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.4. Maybe it’s because of handholding, or maybe it’s because of Soulslike armor coming with the patch. Either way, the memes this week are hilarious.

Have you ever walked around looking for aether currents only to try clicking on wind sprites? I know they’re distinguishable, but not when it’s three in the morning, and you’re on your second can of Red Bull.

Speaking of holding hands, a lot of Final Fantasy XIV players have no interest in the new Cyberpunk 2077 game. They’d rather dive right into patch 5.4. We’ll play our backlogs when we’re dead.

We play as DPS; we don’t know what the beef tanks and healers have with each other. We’re just there to get Cheetos and Mt. Dew all over our rubbed out WASD keys.

Hey you, yeah you. You had months to do the Yo-kai event. It’s too late now to cap too. You had all week to do everything at the last minute. You know how it is, isn’t this how you approached homework in school?

Are you excited for patch 5.4 for FFXIV on Tuesday?

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