Rare Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Achievements

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Rare Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Achievements
Rare Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Achievements

There’s something so rewarding about being a trophy or achievement hunter in any game. However, some achievements seem almost impossible. Steam allows you to look at achievements you can get in the game before purchasing it to see if it’s worth your blood, sweat, and tears. Let’s take a look at some Left 4 Dead 2 Steam achievements that less than 1% of Steam users even achieved.

Shotgun Wedding

You need to be on expert difficulty with the shotgun wedding achievement and kill a Witch bride with a single shotgun blast. Yes, you need to:

  1. Get close enough to a Witch bridge without startling her.
  2. Take her out with a single shotgun blast.
  3. Do this on the expert difficulty.

Only 0.1% of Steam users have achieved this, so good luck with that.

The Last Frontier

Surprisingly, some game modes and difficulties some people will never get the chance to complete, and Left 4 Dead 2 has a couple of them. One is surviving The Last Stand campaign on the Expert Realism difficulty. Yes, the same realism mode that doesn’t outline a special infected that could basically almost kill you in one hit (like the Witch can). With only 0.1% of Steam players getting this achievement, it’s safe to assume it’s difficult.

The Last Dash

This achievement is more attainable than the previously listed one, and when we say “more attainable,” we only mean 0.1% more Steam players have finished this compared to crowning a Witch. Yes, 0.2% of Steam Left 4 Dead 2 Steam players have finished The Last Stand campaign in 14 minutes or less, without anyone dying.

Good luck with that.

Will you try any of these Left 4 Dead 2 Steam achievements?

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