Sony To Hold PS5 Game Reveal On June 3rd, According To Reports

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Sony PS5 Game | Sony To Hold PS5 Game Reveal On June 3rd
Sony PS5 Game | Sony To Hold PS5 Game Reveal On June 3rd

Sony is planning on holding its PS5 game reveal event next week, according to new reports.

According to Bloomberg, the long-rumoured digital event in which Sony will unveil several PlayStation 5 games will reportedly be held next Wednesday (June 3rd), although insiders with direct knowledge of the matter have stressed that the plans have been “in flux” and may still change.

However, it’s been stated that Sony will not reveal every detail about its upcoming console during the presentation and additional PlayStation 5 events are planned for the coming weeks and months.

Venturebeat journalist Jeff Grub corroborated the news from various sources but warned fans not to expect a price and official date reveal. He said: “The company sees aware of the backlash that Microsoft faced for its Xbox 20/20 event. Fans were unhappy with the lack of gameplay at that presentation. In response, Sony wants to rely on PS5 games that are actually running on real hardware.”

Grub also explained that one of the follow-up events is a State Of Play showcase that will focus on both current and next-gen games. The showcase will reportedly take place in early August but Grug stresses that this may change.

The news comes just hours after the official PS5 website was updated with text, although it didn’t add anything new. However, the last time the website was updated was around the time of Mark Cerny’s Road To PS5 event, suggesting there may be more truth to the June 3rd event.

According to Bloomberg, a Sony spokesperson declined to comment when approached about the event. Many fans have criticised Sony for their silence over the console while Microsoft has already revealed the design and several games for its next-generation console the Xbox Series X. Microsoft, which will reportedly hold an event next month, has been trickling details of its new console over the last few months across various events and it seems that Sony PlayStation is following a similar path.

Marvel’s Avengers Live Stream

Around the same time, Crystal Dynamics, the developers behind Marvel’s Avengers, released a video reaffirming their commitment to developing the game which was due out earlier this month before being delayed to September this year.

The video begins with the developers sharing screenshots of social media posts about their silence regarding the game while the team shares a message of solidarity over the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video also features short clips of gameplay and cinematics while the developers speak about working from home and “reassembling” the Avengers for the action-RPG video game.

The clip ends with the developers announcing their War Table live stream which will feature new trailers as well as an in-depth look at the game’s story missions, multiple costumes, and co-op gameplay.

Marvel’s Avengers will release September 6, 2020, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check back for more information on all upcoming video games and next-gen consoles.

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