PlayStation Announced 26 Games You Can Play on PS5

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The PlayStation 5 now seems a reality. Thanks to the most recent presentation event, we were able to see some of its future games in action.

The event was long enough, but finally, the gaming giant considered that today was the appropriate time to broadcast. They did so by giving details of the games.

While we are left with a little desire to know more details of the console, such as price, release date, and more, we have game titles that stand out, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo, and more.

Below, we reveal all 25 games confirmed to be PS5 Games so far

1. GTA 5

The first confirmation we had is that GTA. It will return in the next generation. If you have the PS4 version, you will receive a free upgrade too. Therefore, those who are already playing the game on PS4, this update will arrive in 2021.

2. Spider-man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be the sequel to the great PS4 title. It will arrive in 2020. As the name implies, this time, we will change the protagonist to Miles Morales. The character is incredibly popular since the release of Into The Spider-Verse.

3. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 was confirmed. They showed a spectacular trailer where you could appreciate all the power of ray-tracing.

4. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

Insomniac Games surprised us by the return of Ratchet & Clank. The arrival of the new game is marked by live backgrounds, full of characters, and animations.

5. Project Athia

Project Athia is a third-person platform, action, and adventure game that will be developed exclusively for PS5.

6. Stray

Stray is an Annapurna title that launches in 2021. Here, we will play as a cat that lives in a world full of robots.

7. Returnal

Returnal is an action and science fiction game where we control an astronaut who seems to die many times. It is like living a horrible groundhog day in alien lands.

8. Sackboy A Big Adventure

The charismatic protagonist of Little Big Planet will appear in a platform action game. It seems to leave out at some point about the creation of worlds.

9. Destruction Allstars

It seems to be a racing game that takes a lot from monster trucks. There will be a classic American show of cars being destroyed and enormous trucks. The aesthetics, neon, and more is quite a caricature.

10. Kena Bridge of Spirits

The new game from Ember Studios is an adventure game in a fantasy world. The game allows us to control a character who fights with a spear and a bow against strange creatures. Their allies look like adorable little forest demons.

11. Goodbye Volcano High

This game seems like a narrative game with an emotional focus. We will control dinosaurs going to high school. It has a release date in 2021.

12. Oddworld Soulstorm

Oddworld will have its sequel after several years and will put us back in control of Abe. However, it has no release date yet.

13. Ghostwire: Tokyo

Finally, Ghostwire: Tokyo will arrive in 2021. However, it will be a next-gen game. As we already knew, this is a Tango Softworks production by Shinji Mikami and Bethesda.

14. Jett

Jett: The Far Shore is a game that will allow us to go into space to find a new home for humanity. It has intense action and cinematic components and will hit both the PlayStation 4 and PS5 in 2021.

15. Godfall

Godfall is the first title revealed from PlayStation 5. The Godfall game made a new appearance to demonstrate more of its gameplay and will launch on the 2020 holiday.

16. Solar Ash

It is a new game from Annapurna and the makers of Hyperlight Drifter. It is a 3D adventure with a unique aesthetic.

17. Hitman III

Hitman 3 is finally confirmed and will debut in January 2021. It will be the conclusion of the World Assassination trilogy, and its creators promise it will be the most personal.

18. Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom will turn the adorable protagonist of the VR game into the face of a new adventure game.

19. Little Devil Inside

This is a third-person adventure game that has impressive aesthetics, caricature but very, very dark. Unfortunately, it has no confirmed release date.

20. NBA 2K21

Before 2020 ends, we will be able to play the new NBA 2K title, now with Zion Williamson.

21. Bugsnax

This will be a 3D platform game. It seems that a critical mechanic will be to eat and become what we eat. It comes out “for the holidays” in 2020.

22. Demon’s Souls

Bluepoint will develop the remake of the acclaimed From Software title, and was quite surprised by the occasional change in its aesthetics.

23. Deathloop

Arkane Studios produces this title with a cartoon aesthetic crosses with Tarantino, in a current setting, but very Dishonored-style Skills.

24. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil VIII is finally confirmed, werewolves are real, and Capcom will release it in 2021.

25. Pragmata

It is another novelty from Capcom will be Pragmata, which arrives in 2022. Everything we’ve seen so far seems quite mysterious.

26. Horizon 2 Forbidden West

New for Guerrilla for PlayStation 5 will be the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn called Horizon 2 Forbidden West. Once again, we will take control of Aloy in a world that seems gigantic and more charged with natural and artificial life than ever before.


This is the biggest news of the event. Also, we were finally able to see the face of the new console.

This console will have black and white colors with light blue. It will come in two versions, a normal and a digital-only without a disc player. The price and release date was not officially confirmed yet, but it is expected in late 2020.

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