A Russian Website Leaks Playstation 5 Final Design

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Playstation 5 Design
Playstation 5 Design

Almost the entire industry expects the final commercial design of the PlayStation 5 will arrive on June 4. This is the moment when Sony will announce some of the compatible games.

However, some rumors come to us from Russia. It points out the design of PS5 that could present in just a few days.

The leak information now is coming from GameMag. In the past, this website has successfully leaked some console designs. Although the website does not reveal the image of the console, it has described PS5 quite well. The insider didn’t show them the pictures, because it is very risky. There might be some differences in the retail version.

Playstation 5 Will be thicker than PS4 Pro

Although some patents and speculations spoke of a vertical design, the information that we handle now speaks of a classic format console, with a square shape and rounded edges and a thickness greater than that of the PS4 Pro. Below you can see the critical points of what would be the design of PS5.

  • The design of the console is different from all the prototypes previously published on the Internet.
  • The console stands out with an unusual detail that nobody has spoken about yet. Still, the source has decided not to give more information about it to avoid being identified as the author of the leak.
  • Sony has not revealed all the secrets of PS5. There is another essential feature to advertise. Information about this new feature has already been leaked in the western press, but no one paid any attention to it.
  • The design of the console will not be similar to that of the Xbox X Series. It is not in the form of a smart speaker. PS5 looks like a classic horizontal format box. It is a symmetrical flat square with rounded edges
  • The console is very thick. It’s almost twice the thickness of PS4 Pro
  • PS5 is expected to have a height of 55mm. So we could guess that the device thickness is somewhat closer to that seen in terms of volume on the PlayStation 3 console (the PS4 Pro measures 295x55x327mm; the original PS3 measured 325x98x274mm).

This way, it seems that the design of the PS5 will not go the way that many expected. However, this information is nothing more than rumors at the moment.

So, we will have to wait for Sony to unveil the design of their machine officially. We recall that this Thursday, June 4, there will be an event in which Sony shows PS5 compatible video games.

Do you think Sony will also announce the design of PS5 here? We will be attentive to bring any news that arises.

Where to see the presentation of PS5 games?

You can follow the live broadcast on the date and time indicated through the official Sony page at this link and the company’s official YouTube channel.

Rumors about this event go back to the beginning of May when GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb reported the same date for the PS5 presentation. Sony has confirmed the date. Moreover, the company ensures that it will last approximately an hour.

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David Porter

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  1. Never thought I’d see a PlayStation with a thick look to it. All I care about is that it runs well and is worth whatever small fortune you know SONY will be charging for it.

  2. Haha I remember when this Russian leak of the final design of the Playstation 5 came out. I think it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as there are no glitches.

  3. Well, now that the real design is out. We can look back on all these conspiracy designs and see how far or close they were to the actual design! haha!

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