PS5 Pre-Orders Could Be Limited To One Console Per Household

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PS5 Pre-Orders
PS5 Pre-Orders

A Reddit user has found new source code on the PlayStation retail website suggesting that the company may be limiting one PS5 pre-order console per household.

Users u/Kgarvey revealed on Reddit that new source code on has references to the upcoming pre-order of the PS5 consoles. According to the user, the code suggests that Sony will be limiting console orders.

As reported by IGN, the PlayStation Direct website will issue error messages to people who attempt to pre-order more than one PS5 console, either the disc or digital version. The error message reads: “You can only purchase one version of the PS5 console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5 console to your cart.”

When the PS4 console released back in 2013, Sony similarly limited pre-orders to one per household. The tech giant is also limiting people from buying different versions of the console, forcing users to either select disc or digital. Unfortunately, nothing stops people from purchasing an additional console from another website.

In addition, Reddit user u/Kgarvey also found a new label for the PlayStation website which will be added to games and accessories to indicate whether or not the product is compatible with the new PS5 console.

This is particularly important for users since Sony has stated that most PS4 games will be compatible with the PS5, but not all of them. More details of the PS5’s backwards compatibility are expected to come in the next few months but we doubt it’ll be similar to the Xbox Series X’s backwards compatibility features as it can play all games from all Xbox generations.

PS5 Pre-Orders: What You Need To Know

The leaked source code comes after Amazon added PS5 console pages to its websites across the world, suggesting that a PS5 pre-order is just around the corner. The rumours led to hundreds of people queuing at stores for pre-orders although nothing had been officially announced by Sony.

Last week, Geoff Keighley shared a 30-minute hands-on preview of the PS5’s DualSense controller as part of the Summer Game Fest event. The short segment featured gameplay footage of Astrobot Playroom as well as an in-depth look at the controller and an interview with Sony PlayStation Worldwide’s Head of Marketing Eric Lempel.

In the interview, Keighley touched on the PS5 pre-orders to which Lempel explained that they won’t go up randomly. Speaking about the pre-order rumours, Lempel said: “We don’t know what happened there, we had nothing to do with it. I got a message from someone saying, ‘People are lining up at stores’ and we had no idea why.”

He then explained that Sony will be giving fans notice to pre-orders, saying: “I think it’s safe to say we’ll let you know when pre-order will happen. It’s not going to happen with a minute’s notice. We’re going to, at some point, let you when you can pre-order PlayStation 5. So please, don’t feel like you have to go run out and line-up anywhere until you receive official notice on how that will work.”

Lempel’s comments suggest that Sony may be making changes to how pre-orders work for the PS5 in order to limit how many consoles people can purchase. The leaked source code further cements this, but we’ll have to wait for more information from Sony – stay tuned.

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