Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy Remake VII Chapter 3

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Final Fantasy Remake VII
Final Fantasy Remake VII

After reaching, “Guides and Tricks to Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake Chapter 2“, the sector 7 with the train, we must go to the bar of the Seventh Heaven. Here, we will meet Tifa and the rest of the friends of the Avalanche group. We will see some scenes, and we will have to follow Tifa in our new apartment in the place.

The next day, we will be free to explore the entire area. Before heading to the Seventh Heaven Bar, we recommend going to the back to talk to the man who has a loudspeaker and to give us music: 27. Hip Hop de Chocobo. We tell you everything as part of this complete guide to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 3: The Seventh Heaven

Once we meet Tifa, she will give us a tour of the neighborhood and take us to a store where we can buy another song: 1. The Prelude and various elementary materials.

We will also stop to talk to our landlady, Marle, and at the weapons store where we can later acquire equipment if we want to. We can also modify and improve our weapon (something that will also affect parameters such as Cloud’s vitality) if we talk to Biggs.

In the end, Tifa will join our group, and we will have to undertake the first mission of the neighborhood police, which is to eliminate the monsters that are in the junk boulevard. On the way, there we will see a cave where we find frozen matter lying on the ground, and soon we will meet the first enemies.

Tifa will take action, and we can learn to use her secret technique. It allows you to manipulate your chi to perform even more powerful attacks up to a maximum of three levels. The first is Disorienting Strike, the second is Fists of Wrath, and the strongest is Swift Strike. By using one of these abilities, the Chi level is reduced by 1.

Weapons and Missions Available

Back at the base, we can access the weapons store, and they will give us a new iron sword. Besides, from this moment, we can access mercenary orders (secondary missions) when we talk to the residents of the neighborhood. We will have to complete the first of the following 4 to continue the adventure (but we can do the others to progress and get improvements):

1. Chadley’s Report: The first thing we need to do is help Chadley complete the combat report requirements based on the instructions he gives us to unlock new reports and encourage new subject development. Basically, we must equip the analysis material in a weapon that we carry. Once we are in combat, we must use the Skill: Analysis with two enemies of a different type to complete the mission. From this point on, Chadley will help us return our weapon to an initial condition.

2. Pussycat escape: a girl named Betty will ask us to find three white cats in the neighborhood. We will probably have seen them on our first tour of the place, so we have to find them again interact with them so that they return with the girl. The first is near the neon sign that says “Cloud” at the entrance to the neighborhood.

3. The squatters in the factory: The Junkyard at the top of the building behind the Seventh Heaven will ask us to eliminate a series of mini-brillopterans. We must go to the point marked on the map and destroy the enemies that await us there.

4. Siege of the rodent front: The object shop clerk will ask us to finish off a series of rodent enemies in the marked area. Once we finish with them, we will have to speak to the clerk again so that another batch of enemies reappears and thus end the mission (by returning and cleaning their area).

When we are touring sector 7, we can go to the beginning of the whole to find a sales caravan to buy song 4—Barret’s theme. To continue the story, we headed to the Seventh Heaven area, and there we will have to follow some guards who have taken Johnny to rescue him. We can continue the adventure and see Barret or do one more side mission before:

5. The new foreman of Tallaga: A citizen named Gwen will ask us to finish with the flashing machine that devastates the abandoned factory in Tallaga. Once there, we must advance until we find a lowered blind that we can raise to find the key we are looking for on the other side.

6. A dog with horrible fleas: Once we have completed the rest of the assignments, we can speak to Wylmer. He asks us to finish off an enemy guardian hound that has become quite dangerous. When attacking it, it will move from the area, and we will have to chase him to finish him off.

When we finish the six tasks, a unique scene between Cloud and Tifa will be unlocked in the apartments where they will make an appointment there. When we finish, we go downstairs, and the landlady will give us a full moon amulet. After that, we must go back to the bar.

We continue our journey and guide; Final Fantasy VII Remake Guide Chapter 4

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