Prologue and Chapter 1: Jackson – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide

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The Last Of Us Part 2 Video Game Screenshot
The Last Of Us Part 2 Video Game Screenshot

In this complete guide, we help you complete the Prologue and Chapter 1: Jackson, from The Last of Us Part 2. Here, we also talk about the location of the collectibles. (Warning: Spoilers inside)

We start the new adventure of The Last of Us Part II, taking Joel for a small and straightforward prologue. Here, we have to see a series of cinematic scenes, accompany Tommy on horseback to Jacksonville and meet Ellie to give him a guitar and meet a promise. After that, we can control Ellie to visit our new home. We tell you everything in detail as part of this complete guide to the game.

Wake Up

When we are in control of Ellie, we need to pick up the backpack from the desk and the knife from the nightstand before going outside. We follow our partner until we cross a wooden door.

Once in the open area, we turn left to pick up the Seismicayla collectible card from a plank. Before entering the bar, we went to the wooden portal in front to find the note “Volunteer application “on top of a box.

We entered the bar. Once there, after talking to Maria and Seth, we collected another collectible card, The Keene Twins, in the corner next to the bar, at the back of the place. After that, we went out and advanced until we met Dina to test the “shooting” controls in a snowball battle against children.

The Looker

When we leave the settlement, we will change control for Abby, who is still a mystery. We must follow her companion until they have a conversation and separate.

Then, we will have to climb and advance through the snow until we find some corpses. Soon, we will verify that not all are dead, and we will have to fight with three of them, either hand-to-hand or using the few bullets that our pistol has.

If they hurt us, we can use the first-aid kit, but we recommend keeping it for when we are really damaged. Once inside the house, we must bend down and crawl on the left side (where you can see some yellow cables on the ground).

We will meet a zombie’s face, so we must shoot him to prevent him from attacking us. Once outside, we turn around and go up to the house to reach a room and collect the “note from Seth”. It is located in the suitcase on the bed.

The Last of Us™ Part II The Looker

We went out and advanced to find a house with more infected people later, where we will have to use stealth to be able to finish them off silently, without being detected. We will also find bullets and some healing materials.

Once outside, we moved a little further and continued to take quiet casualties until we switched control back to Ellie.

Start a Patrol

We direct the horse until we reach a house. Before following Dina, we can pick up some bullets from a closet in an adjoining room (we have to squat down).

On the balcony with excellent views, we can draw the landscape in our journal. After that, we follow our partner until she makes us sign a guest book, and we can find a few pieces and ammunition in a nearby room, in addition to a bong to discuss with Dina.

Once outside, with the horses, we advance until we reach an area where we can descend from the horse. In the left-hand house, we can go upstairs on the right side to find the “Note to Santa Claus” in the drawer of a table.

We went down and continued until we found a trail of blood in the snow, and there we dismounted. We enter the house and kill a few melee enemies or our weapons (ranged rifle or close-range pistol, for now).

We can use the bottles that we see to throw them against the enemies and make them stagger. Thus, we can catch them to attack, something that also works when we have been detected.

To continue, we went outside and propelled Dina to the top of the truck. We descend on the other side and duck to crawl under the other truck.

At this point, they will attack us, but Dina will automatically save us. We can pick up a few drugs (to improve skills) in the nearby building. We went outside again and climbed on top of the truck to get to the hole in the raised wall. There we will see materials to build a medicine cabinet and heal our wounds.

When both of them put on the gas mask to enter the infected area, we can collect more materials and go through a crack in the wall. In a closed room, we will see a safe that we can open with the following combination: 072013 (we discovered it by reading the note “Good boy combination” and looking at the plank in the hallway).

We continue until Ellie falls. Once down, we end up with two clickers in stealth mode. To continue, we move a fallen wardrobe that blocks a door in the corner. In that room, we find some supplies, note Apology from the supermarket, and Dina gives us a Molotov cocktail.

We can use it against the 2 runners and 2 clickers below, but we recommend using stealth as much as possible going from the back and very little by little, in addition to throwing bricks or bottles to mislead them with the sound.

Once the area has been cleared, we must collect a cable under a car (towards the center of the room) and throw it over the roof beam, to be able to go up and go outside. Back on the horses, we made our way through the blizzard and followed Dina into a building.

There, we must break a window with a brick to go into a closed room and automatically collect Eugene’s Firefly Pendant. A little further on, we find a collectible letter from “Laurent Focault, CEO SPARK” and a stuffed giraffe to draw.

We can also find the Photo of Eugene and Tommy on the table and the note “Eugene Ultimatum “on the nightstand, in addition to activating a generator to access a work table to improve our pistol.

To continue, we go back and move a shelf. We arrive at an adjoining room where there is a marijuana plantation, and we can observe various items such as a gas mask with a bong and some videotapes before finding a jar with joints. Looking at it, we will see a scene, and the control will change to Abby.

The Chalet

Once with her, we will have to advance until we find a first infected whom we can try to shoot down in stealth mode. But soon, we will discover that she is very accompanied.

For this reason, we will have to live a fast-paced escape scene in which we must avoid various enemies and avoid a direct freeze to continue running until we reach a safe place where we will find Joel and Tommy. With them, we must finish off the enemies of the area until we can escape from the place when a wagon pushes towards a window that gives outside. It is a reasonably cinematic scene in which we must finish off a few enemies until we can escape from the place and change the scene again.

To Pack

Once with Ellie, we must advance by the only possible way until entering a house and seeing a scene. After that, it will be a while before we control it again, and we are at Joel’s home.

Over there, we examined the portrait on the right side of the room and continued to the kitchen to see a cup to draw. Going upstairs, we will find a guitar to draw and more items to observe: jacket in the closet, photo of Joel with Sarah, and a box with Joel’s watch, in addition to the revolver.

Going down below, we will see a scene with Maria. The chapter will end to continue to the next one, “Chapter 2: Seattle, Day 1 – The Last of Us 2 Complete Guide“.

Image Credit; Naughty Dog.

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