Project Cars 3 is Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC This Summer

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Project Cars 3
Project Cars 3

A few giants currently dominate the world of racing games. Assetto Corsa and iRacing swing the wand in the realm of hardcore simulations, while specialist games such as Dirt and F1 triumph in the individual disciplines. And Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon have been competing for years. Where does Project Cars 3 want to attack and to what extent?

Project Cars 1 & 2 were cross-border commuters. With impressive weather simulations, they dug a bit of water off the hardcore Sims, and in terms of entry-level friendliness. They flirted with the Forza motorsport target group. But cross-border commuters always risk not getting a foothold anywhere.

And that’s why Project Cars 3 has a clear goal: to beat Forza Motorsport. The gap is there because Forza 8 has been around since 2019 at the latest. But also dangerous because the balancing act between hardcore fans and mainstream newcomers has to work.

Project Cars 3 has been revealed by surprise by Bandai Namco. It will launch this summer on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

The first trailer has revealed on the official PlayStation channel. Soon after, it was uploaded to the official account of the game, confirming its release on the other platforms.

The Announcement on Twitter

The video published on the official Twitter of Project CARS  shows an official image of the new Chevrolet Corvette C8 in its racing version, the C8.R. The game will have its brand new place in the world of the third series.

This video game will be the direct sequel to the 2017 project. It is also in charge of Bandai Namco, and Slightly Mad Studios and Project CARS 2. It is a video game very well received by critics specialized in Metacritic with an 82 mark.

What’s New in Project Cars 3

The newest series in the Slightly Mad Studios driving simulation saga will feature a new career mode. It is designed to satisfy both series veterans and new players in the genre.

It will have a highly adjustable difficulty curve according to the different assistance options that each player chooses. This system is to encourage you to use fewer assistants as you progress.

It will also debut a vehicle customization system, in one of the ten classes of cars that we can find. Another novelty will be an asynchronous multiplayer mode. Here, we will compete against the best time in a series of daily, weekly and monthly events.

New circuits include Shanghai and São Paulo. The developer enhances the new graphics with new motion blur or collision physics effects.

With the announcement of Project Cars 3, the direction we are heading is still remarkable. As was emphasized several times in a nearly 20-minute presentation before the reveal, the third Project Cars should now also be interesting for beginners. But without letting the hardcore racing core melt.

The two previous parts of the Project Cars series mainly stood for two things. Those are realistic driving behavior and almost endless customization options for car enthusiasts. The target group was clear: fans of racing games with a simulation character who could spend hours configuring their vehicle.

The last time we heard about the new Project Cars was last summer, and studio CEO Ian Bell said it would be revolutionary. Curiously, for this August, Slightly Mad Studios will also launch another car game but with a very different cut: Fast and Furious Crossroads.

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  1. Best car game saga EVER! Realistic, good gameplay, graphics, always better on steam and with the proper accessories of course. Any specific release date? Since everything is getting delayed now. Still the hype is real haha!

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