Pokemon Sword And Shield

Game Description

Pokémon Sword and Shield is known in Japan as Pocket Monsters Sword & Shield. It’s two role-playing computer games developed and released for Nintendo Switch by Game Freak and The Pokémon Company. They are the first games of the eighth generation of the main Pokémon series. The video games had their worldwide launch on November 15, 2019

Pokémon Sword and Shield are video games played in the part of the third person with adventure objects, with an aerial viewpoint. The player controls a young trainer who tries to capture and train Pokémon species and wins matches with other trainers.

By defying the Pokémon enemy in turn-based battles, the Pokémon player gains experience, enabling them to raise their battle stats, learn new battle techniques, and in some instances, become more powerful Pokémon. Players will catch the wild Pokémon encountered in random gatherings, weaken them and pick them up with PokéBalls, enabling them to join your army of Pokemon.

Sword and Shield are held in the Galar region (a region based in the United Kingdom), a large and high expanse of land, and one of the many areas of the Pokémon world. The area itself and its many landmarks seem to be strongly inspired by Britain.  The games follow the traditional trend of three initials: Grookey plant type, type Scorbunny Fire and Water Sobble type.

Sword and Shield were announced in a special Nintendo Direct presentation on February 27, 2019, featuring the region of the game and the initial Pokemon. The introduction coincided with Pokémon Day, a celebration of Pokémon fans on the anniversary of the Japanese release of Pokémon Red and Green.

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