Pokemon Go

Game Description

Pokémon Go is a mobile game focused on iOS and Android users. It’s a simple mobile game with small purchases. The game specializes in looking and finding Pokémon characters saga hidden in the real universe and battling them, which involves running physically around the city’s streets. The program has an aspect of social networking since it facilitates physical meetings of users in their towns.

The video game allows the player to walk the streets of his town to find all kinds of Pokémon whose various species exist in the visited region. Pokémon GO shows the streets of the modern world in the shape of a map that indicates where the player is. Furthermore, the GO maps of Pokémon provide numerous Pokéstops that allow you to identify museums, creative works, monuments, and historical places, etc.

This game utilizes augmented realism so trainers can catch Pokémon before a set is finished according to the initial definition. Another aim is to teach them to battle others. Use GPS on your devices. Then, you will be alerted by a buzz and a blinking light when you are near to a Pokémon.  The game also utilizes poker currencies that can be traded for beauty and service items.

If a player or trainer from Pokémon flips on the monitor on his computer, he sees a composite picture of a Pokémon superimposed over the real scene behind the screen. Pocket balls are used to trap the entity. This is one of how the game is called based on increased truth because it helps you to see facts mixed with fictional elements on mobile.

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