Pokémon GO Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary: New Challenges and Rewards

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Pokemon GO Fest 2020
Pokemon GO Fest 2020

There is almost a month left for the Pokémon GO Fest of 2020. It is an event that, due to the global situation due to the coronavirus, it will be online, and each player who acquires the ticket will be able to play from wherever they are. But Pokémon GO is already preparing the event and giving people the possibility to contribute.

Over the next three weeks, they will launch three weekly challenges in the form of temporary Research lines. Similar to what happened in the Return Challenge, completing them will unlock more Pokémon species for the Pokémon GO Fest.

Three Weeks of New Challenges

The first challenge will be July 3-8 and will coincide with the game’s anniversary. Completing all three sets of tasks will be rewarded by Ducklett, a Flying Pikachu, and a Star Hunk. Besides, depending on the number of coaches from each team that completes the challenge, Chimecho, Alomomola, and Chansey will be unlocked for the GO Fest.

Flying Pokémon will be featured as part of the event and will re-enable Boot Investigation for trainers who missed it last year. Also, there will be a weekend of Ho-Oh raids, and they have promised a surprise with the Snap feature.

The second weekly challenge will be from 10 to 5, and your rewards will be Hitmonlee, Absol, and a Rocket super radar. In this case, the Pokémon unlockable by the teams will be Ferroseed, Grimer, and Marowak. There will also be a themed fighting event that weekend.

The third challenge will be based on friendship and will run from July 17 to 22. It is a couple of days before the GO Fest ends. Here the confirmed rewards are Raichu de Alola, Petilil, and a Lucky Egg. The excellent work of the trainers will allow them to add Togetic, Dratini, and Litwick to the festival.

In all three challenges, upon completion, there will be a series of elite challenges with more complex tasks. Niantic has confirmed that they do not need to be completed to account for team rewards, but they do see it as an opportunity to earn “the personal right to brag.”

Where can I get tickets for Pokémon GO Fest 2020?

You can purchase it in the app store at a price of US $ 14.99, including taxes and fees (or the equivalent in local currency).

Habitats will change hourly. Coaches will also be able to collaborate at the global challenge stage. This feature, which is exclusive to GO Fest, will be available only to those with a ticket.

Furthermore, Niantic will launch a virtual team room for the Pokémon GO Fest as a method for trainers to connect and participate in activities and giveaways. Another novelty will be the free kit to print at home, which will allow fans to prepare for the celebration with printable activities and decorations on Pokémon GO Fest.

Image credits; Niantic

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  1. I’ve been so busy catching up with work that I didn’t know about this! My story with Pokemon dates back way back when it was still in the Gameboy Color, oh my oh my how it has progressed! I’m definitely checking out if I can still join in. Thanks for the info!!!

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