Players Should Have Their Levels Reset On The Full Launch Of Phasmophobia

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Players Should Have Their Levels Reset On The Full Launch Of Phasmophobia
Players Should Have Their Levels Reset On The Full Launch Of Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia has been out for a couple of months now, and some players have already sunk hundreds of hours into the game. It’s not surprising, seeing as Phasmophobia is one of the scariest games ever made, and there’s not any cooperative ghost-hunting game like it. However, we have a completely unpopular opinion regarding levels on the game’s full launch: players should have their levels reset.

There’s No Level Scaling In Phasmophobia

Right now, Phasmophobia doesn’t have any level scaling. That means a level two person gets the same experience and challenge as a person who is level 800. Someone who is at a higher level often gets bored too easily because there’s no increasing difficulty to the game.

There are only three difficulties to choose from, and honestly, professional is merely a cash farming operation at the moment. But there’s really nothing for players to do with the cash they’re earning. The death in Phasmophobia has no real risk to someone who has thousands of dollars in the game. The only way to introduce level scaling in Phasmophobia is to completely reset everyone to an even playing field when the game is complete.

Players Should Have Their Levels Reset

Players are getting the same amount of experience after every round (with some variables to increase exp per round). That means players are rising up in levels very quickly. After a week of playing every night for a couple of hours a night, we were almost at level 500.

Fortunately, level scaling is not a pipe dream, as it is confirmed the developer will eventually implement level scaling, but we don’t see that happening until close to the full release of the game.

Do you think players should have their levels reset once level scaling is introduced?

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