Players In Phasmophobia Should Hallucinate With Low Sanity

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Players In Phasmophobia Should Hallucinate With Low Sanity
Players In Phasmophobia Should Hallucinate With Low Sanity

There’s nothing quite like hearing the person from the truck tell you that your sanity is too low. There’s no way to track sanity from inside the location, and honestly, it’s good there’s no sanity meter inside. However, we do have some ideas for visual cues that hint towards your declining sanity.

Seeing Things Others Don’t See

Players with higher sanity can see a normal home. Players with lower sanity should be able to see things like:

  • Blood dripping from walls.
  • Faces in mirrors or windows.
  • Hearing things higher sanity players cannot hear.

Things moving around that other players cannot see.

Are There Any Indications Players Have Lower Sanity?

In Phasmophobia’s current state, the only way to know if a player’s sanity is low is by having someone communicate it from the truck (or by going back to the truck themselves). The game does hint that the average collective sanity of everyone inside is low when the ghost starts to hunt more often than it did before. That’s when the players inside should run out and grab some sanity pills. These pills increase sanity by 40% and are really helpful with larger maps like Brownstone High School or the Asylum.

What are some other ideas for things players can hallucinate when they have lower sanity than everyone else?

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