Players Can Miss Story Moments In ‘The Last Of Us Part II’

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The Last Of Us Part II: The Players Can Miss Story Moments
The Last Of Us Part II: The Players Can Miss Story Moments

Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part II is so big that players may miss entire chunks of its story on their first play-through.

In the latest episode of a video series examining the game which looked at Part II’s gameplay, several members from the development team spoke about how its Naughty Dog’s biggest game, both in sense of its semi-open world, and its scripted sequences.

The Last Of Us Part II Co-Director Anthony Newman said in the video: “In this game, we’ve gone so far in making the level design open that there are actually entire story moments, entire combat encounters, full scripted sequences that you may completely miss. “And there are things that we feel like, even though a portion of our player base may never see these things, the fact that when you do encounter them, you feel like you discovered them, it lends them this charm and magic I think is unique to games that – this happened to me because of what I did and the place I explored.”

Later in the video, the developers touched on the ability to upgrade skills and modify weapons, and they confirmed that players will not be able to upgrade everything in their first playthrough and must live with the choices they make.

Newman said: “We put a much stronger emphasis on the importance of the choices you make in the longterm for your character. Through the weapon upgrade system, through the player upgrade system, there aren’t enough resources in a single playthrough to fully upgrade your character.

“The choices that you make, you’re going to have to live with. And we wanted to make sure that all the choices that you made had a really noticeable and tangible impact on the way that you play.”

The news comes after Neil Druckmann, the Creative Director at Naughty Dog, revealed in last week’s episode focusing on story that The Last Of Us Part II will be more divisive and will not please all fans.

A Divisive Game

Speaking in the video, Druckmann said: “I’m thinking this one might be more divisive than the first game in a very kind of exciting way that I think raises those interesting, philosophical questions and asks the players to interpret some of the material that’s there, and see where they stand on those questions.”

In early interviews, developers of the game have revealed that Part II will focus on hate as well as the cycle of violence. The story trailer, which dropped earlier this month, shows much of that and what appears to be Ellie’s physical and mental struggle throughout the upcoming game.

The Last Of Us Part II recently went gold, which means it’s ready for manufacturing, and Sony this week announced a limited edition The Last Of Us Part II PS4 Pro console featuring a custom engraved design, a unique dynamic theme and avatars, and a physical copy of the game.

The Last Of Us Part II releases June 19th 2020 for the PS4, check back for more updates.

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