Play Far Cry 5 on PC For Free From May 29 To 31

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Far Cry 5 Free Play on PC From May 29 To 31 | Game Dom
Far Cry 5 Free Play on PC From May 29 To 31 | Game Dom

We are in a relatively low launch season. So, you may not have anything else to play. If that is your case, and you have never played Far Cry 5 before, then you will be happy to know that this weekend you can play it totally free on PC, and you can start downloading it right now.

Far Cry 5, the fifth series of Ubisoft’s famous open-world first-person shooter saga, will be free this weekend on PC through Uplay. Thus, this adventure game in a particular part of the United States can be played at no cost from next Friday, May 29th to Sunday, May 31.

Surprisingly, all those who want to continue playing after the free access period can buy the game with an up to75% discount. Nice right?

The latest update of Far Cry places us in Hope County. It is a region dominated by a sect of religious fanatics armed to the teeth. Our mission is to cooperate with the locals who have not been brainwashed and to stop them by shooting, driving, and more.

Preload now available in Uplay

The preload of Far Cry 5 on PC is now available since May 27 at 10 a.m PDT. Then, the trial period starts this Friday. Finally, it will offer full access to the base game until Sunday, May 31, at 1 a.m PDT.

Those who want to take advantage of the free trial period can now download the game on their computer.  You can do it by visiting Uplay. Then, get ready by Friday mid-afternoon to start playing without having to wait any longer.

After the free weekend, both standard and Gold versions of Far Cry 5 for PC will be on sale with a 75% discount at the Ubisoft Store until June 2. As always, if you decide to purchase the game during the free weekend, your progress will carry over. In this case, we can get it only for 15 dollars instead of 59 or usual 99 dollars.

The progress of the trial period will be remarkable. So, it is an exciting promotion for those who want to get the game. Far Cry 5 is one of the most complete and successful updates in the series. So, you don’t want to miss it!

What Else to Expect?

Recently, it was confirmed that Ubisoft still has two unannounced AAA games for the fiscal year (before March 31, 2021), belonging to its established sagas. Could it be a new installment of Far Cry? On July 12, we will leave doubts.

Set for the first time in North America, Far Cry 5 gives players complete freedom to navigate a world that is both calm and deeply twisted, in the role of a new assistant to Hope County, Montana. Players will be aware that their arrival accelerates a conspiracy.

The conspiracy has been brewing for the past year by a fanatical doomsday sect, the Eden Gate Project. All of this leads to a violent assault on power across the globe. Players, embattled and with no connection to the outside world, will join the fight of the people of Hope County and form the Resistance together.

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