Phil Spencer Praises Xbox and PC Game Pass

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Halo Infinite Gameplay
Halo Infinite Gameplay

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has praised new the Xbox and PC Game Pass but acknowledged that the company still has “more work to do”.

First reported by VG247, Spencer’s comments come as tweets as Spencer replied to a tweet he sent back in June 2019. The original tweet included a link to a VentureBeat article on the launch of Game Pass for PC and confirmed the article’s claim that back then Xbox was committing itself to PC gaming.

Now, more than a year later, Spencer has praised Game Pass and its success among the PC community.

He said in the new tweet: “I wanted to thank the community for the support on PC. We made statements like this a few times over the years and the sceptical responses were earned. More work to do but the support we are seeing through Xbox Game Pass PC and Steam team right now is really great, thanks.”

Spencer’s comments are correct as users across social media platforms continue to praise the company’s Game Pass, allowing users to play any Xbox games on Xbox consoles and PC for a small subscription price.

Meanwhile, several of Xbox and Microsoft’s games are sitting on the top charts on Steam including the upcoming Flight Simulator 2020 set to release later this month, Obsidian’s Grounded, as well as the Halo Master Chief Collection.

Halo Infinite Fan Backlash

Unfortunately, while Xbox has earned praise for its Game Pass, the company has found itself in hot water following the gameplay debut of its upcoming Halo Infinite video game last month during the Xbox next-gen game showcase event.

Many fans have claimed that the game graphics “look outdated” and do not look next-gen. However, both Xbox and Halo Infinite game developer 343 Industries have responded to the criticism.

First reported by SimpleGamer, 343 Industries’ Community Manager John Junyzsek explained in a blog post that the development team agreed that the game’s graphics look outdated before confirming that the demo shown was a build from several weeks ago.

He said: “The build used to run the campaign was work-in-progress from several weeks ago with a variety of graphical elements and game systems still being finished and polished.”

He then explained that the team at 343 Industries is working to address all of the complaints and that they’re “committed and focused on making sure we have a beautiful world for players to explore when we launch.”

Meanwhile, Chris Lee, the Studio Head at 343 Industries, addressed allegations that developing Halo Infinite for the Xbox One was holding the game back. In an interview with Gamespot, Lee blasted the accusations and said:

“We’ve been developing it over time with the idea and the concept of being cross-platform so we could support the Xbox One family of devices, the Xbox Series X, and of course, PC when we released on Steam as well.”

He later confirmed that Halo Infinite will take advantage of the Xbox Series X’s hardware but that the team were focusing on creating a game available on all Xbox and PC platforms.

Image Credit: Halo Infinite Gameplay – YouTube

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