Phasmophobia Willow Street House Map

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Phasmophobia Willow Street House Map
Phasmophobia Willow Street House Map

When July’s Phasmophobia beta update was announced, the developer mentioned a surprise addition. We were already excited about the addition of two new ghosts in Phasmophobia. So the anticipation for the new update was already at its max, with many players wondering what we were going to get.

Phasmophobia Willow Street Ghost

There was plenty of speculation among the Phasmophobia fanbase about the surprise update. Some wanted new ghost models, while others wanted more jump scares. There were few who held their breath for a new map in Phasmophobia, but many weren’t optimistic about such a huge addition. We’ve all yearned for a smaller house similar to Tanglewood, and we got our wish in July.

Willow Street House Map Guide

Phasmophobia Willow Street House Map
Phasmophobia Willow Street House Map

When July’s Phasmophobia update rolled out, we immediately scrolled to the bottom of the update as we knew the surprise addition would be the last thing mentioned. Sure enough, to the joy of so many, there was a new map added. However, our excitement quickly dwindled when we saw that this house had no traditional hiding spots like closets or lockers.

The first floor of Willow Street House has:

  • A living room
  • A garage
  • A kitchen
  • A laundry room
  • A hallway
  • A Bathroom
  • Two bedrooms
Phasmophobia Willow Street Hiding Places

When hiding upstairs from the ghost, there are plenty of hiding spots in Willow Street House. You can hide behind large pieces of furniture and hope the ghost doesn’t path too deeply into the room.

Phasmophobia Willow Street Laundry Room
Phasmophobia Willow Street Laundry Room

There’s potential for some hiding spots in the laundry room hiding behind the washer and dryer. However, the ghost can peek around that corner if you’re unlucky.

Willow Street House Basement Guide

Phasmophobia Willow Street Basement Map
Phasmophobia Willow Street Basement Map

The basement in Willow Street House is unlike anything we’ve seen yet in Phasmophobia basement maps. There are two rooms in the basement. These two rooms are storage rooms.

Phasmophobia Willow Street Basement View
Phasmophobia Willow Street Basement View

The hiding spots are somewhat limited in the basement. If you’re unlucky enough to get trapped down in the basement when the ghost is hunting, you’ll have to hide behind some shelves and pray.

Phasmophobia Willow Street Second Storage Room
Phasmophobia Willow Street Second Storage Room

The second storage room doesn’t offer much in the way of hiding spots, so it’s always best to carry a smudge stick to turn the ghost around if it happens to corner you in the basement room. When hiding from a ghost in Willow Street House, it’s best to keep your back to the exit. Remember, the ghost will stand still for five seconds before it starts hunting. This gives you seconds to make a beeline for the basement stairs.

Let us know if you would like a more detailed guide on hiding spots in Phasmophobia’s Willow Street House map.

What other maps are there in Phasmophobia?

The following other maps are available in Phasmophobia.

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By continue playing the game and improving your skills as a ghosthunter more maps will unlock.

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  1. Yeah, what was up with the lack of additional hiding spots?! I don’t get it. They could have done a bit more with this map, I think. I hope that in future ones we’ll get more hiding spots, a lot more. It just makes the whole Phasmophobia experience better.

  2. The two storage rooms don’t offer much in terms of hiding spots or variety. Now I get it. These are storage rooms but maybe be a bit more creative as to what you include here. We want more options.

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