Phasmophobia VR Controls For The Oculus Rift S

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Phasmophobia VR Controls For The Oculus Rift S
Phasmophobia VR Controls For The Oculus Rift S

If you are fortunate (or hard-working) enough to have a virtual reality controller for Phasmophobia, then you’re truly getting an immersive experience. While Phasmophobia is still boatloads of fun without a VR, there’s no denying there’s an added level of immersion with a VR headset.

While the Oculus Quest is out now (without native support) and able to play Phasmophobia with a special cable that essentially turns the Quest into a Rift, there are still those who have the older Rift S, but how difficult are the controls for the Oculus Rift S for Phasmophobia?

Oculus Rift S Controls For Phasmophobia VR

Oculus Rift S Controls For Phasmophobia VR

1) Thumbsticks: The thumbsticks in Phasmophobia are responsible for your movement. The left thumbstick is responsible for your character’s movement in the game, while the right thumbstick moves your head. Alternatively, you can move your character’s head by simply moving your head in real-life.

2) Menu Button: Opens the in-game menu.

3) Oculus Button: Pressing the Oculus button brings you back to Oculus home.

4) Grip Buttons: The grip button is for picking up and dropping objects in Phasmophobia.

5) Crouch: To crouch in Phasmophobia VR, simply crouch in real life.

6) Global (Radio) Chat: To talk into the radio, hold your left hand near your head and press down on the trigger.

7) Local Chat: There is no button for local chat. Everyone (including the ghost) can always hear you.

8) Triggers: Uses items (or turns them on) such as EMF readers, thermometers, and candles (with a lighter).

Tips When Using VR Oculus Rift S In Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia itself is already anxiety-inducing, so there’s a couple of tips when using the Oculus Rift S:

  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Limit unnecessary movements to reduce motion sickness.
  • Switch back to mouse and keyboard if feeling nauseous.
  • Talk to your doctor about over-the-counter motion sickness medication and if they’re safe for you to take.

Which VR headset do you use with Phasmophobia?

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