Phasmophobia UV Flashlight Guide

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Phasmophobia UV Flashlight Guide
Phasmophobia UV Flashlight Guide

When you’re looking at all the different items in the truck, you might be overwhelmed by how many different things you can bring into a location. Who needs three different types of flashlights? Fortunately, each flashlight has its own use, and the UV flashlight is one with a very specific purpose.

What Is The UV Flashlight In Phasmophobia?

The UV flashlight in Phasmophobia emits a faint purple light that is not meant to illuminate dark hallways. There’s a lot of streamers out there who walk around in the dark with a UV flashlight trying to find their way. Either they’re doing it for fun, or they really don’t know there are better flashlight options. Much like the normal or strong flashlight in Phasmophobia, the UV flashlight will flicker during a hint.

What Is The UV Flashlight Used For?

The UV flashlight is used to find ghost fingerprints, a piece of evidence in Phasmophobia needed to find a:

Where Can I Find Fingerprints?

When players are sweeping locations with the UV flashlight, you should aim it at:

  • Nearby doors
  • Windows
  • Light switches

Have another player take a photograph of the fingerprints for extra money. However, a UV flashlight is not needed to get credit for a handprint.

The UV flashlight in Phasmophobia is one of the starter items and costs $35 for any additional flashlights, with a max amount of two available per round.

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