Phasmophobia Truck Upgrade Ideas

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Phasmophobia Truck Upgrade Ideas
Phasmophobia Truck Upgrade Ideas

As someone who sits in the truck and monitors everything from ghost activity to my teammate’s head cameras, I can safely say the truck is somewhat dull. While I understand most (if not all) of the truck is flipped Unity assets, there has to be more we can do while sitting in the truck as other players are inside hunting for ghosts. Here are some ideas for truck upgrade ideas in Phasmophobia.


This might sound silly in a game with no UI, but they could set aside a portion of the truck (maybe a chest?) where we can purchase one-time-use power-ups. Imagine getting hunted by a Revenant in the Prison and using a power-up for a speed increase for thirty seconds? Kinetic Game could implement it in a way where the game still seems realistic with no UI. We don’t need to see ourselves glowing green, but it would be nice to use our money for something other than repurchasing items when we die.

More Monitors

This suggestion seems a little more realistic. Imagine if we could upgrade our truck with the money we earn from contracts. The truck used in the rounds would be the party leader’s truck, so whatever extra upgrades they have is one everyone else can use. We could use different monitors in the truck. We should be able to add more monitors at a cost, so we don’t have to flip through video camera footage, CCTV footage, and head camera footage, all from one monitor. Imagine if we could have different monitors to look at so we don’t miss anything important.

More Shelf Space

The hoarder inside me knows the shelves can hold more than they currently do. Do we really need almost a quarter of the top shelf for only four sanity pills? In reality, I can put a whole bag of prescription medication in that spot. However, I know it’s not real life, but it would be nice to upgrade our truck to hold more equipment.

What other truck upgrade ideas do you have for Phasmophobia?

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