Phasmophobia Thermometer Guide

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Phasmophobia Thermometer Guide
Phasmophobia Thermometer Guide

The thermometer is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) piece of equipment for detecting a ghost. Maybe that’s why the developer is thinking of nerfing the thermometer in Phasmophobia because of how easy it is to locate ghosts with it.

What Is The Thermometer In Phasmophobia

Believe it or not, the thermometer in Phasmophobia is not a starter item. That means if you want to get freezing temperatures before you can afford more items, you’ll have to rely on your breath.

  • The thermometer updates every 0.8 seconds.
  • The thermometer’s default unit of temperature is celsius.
  • The thermometer can look up to six meters in front of the player.
  • Anything temperature at our below 10 degrees celsius indicates the ghost room (or general area).

What Are Some Tips For Using The Thermometer In Phasmophobia?

A thermometer is one of the first pieces of equipment players should sweep a location with since temperature is a strong indicator of the ghost’s location.

  • Have players split up with different thermometers when searching for the ghost room.
  • Many believe pointing the thermometer closer towards the floor provides more accurate readings (anecdotal).
  • Players may need to stir up ghost activity to drop temperatures a bit, especially for the objective.
  • The thermometer might be bugged in some instances.

The thermometer in Phasmophobia is $30, and players can only have a maximum of three thermometers per round.

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