Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Map, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide

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Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Map, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide
Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Map, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide

Tanglewood Street house is everyone’s favorite map. Maybe it’s because Tanglewood Street House is the house used in training and the house shown in the trailer on Steam. It’s only a single-story house with a small basement, so it’s easy to quickly find the ghost, even in professional mode. However, don’t think that just because a house is small and easy doesn’t mean it isn’t terrifying.

Tanglewood Street House Map

Tanglewood Street is a small house, and KDOG57 created an easy map that shows the fuse boxes’ location in the garage or basement, garage key in the dining room, and basement key in the garage.

Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Map
Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Map

The confirmed Ouija board locations in Tanglewood Street house Are:

  • The master bedroom closet
  • The utility closet
  • The garage
  • The basement

Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Tips

A standard team of four should sweep the house pretty quickly, under a minute:

  • Split into two teams
  • Have one team move to the right side of the house with the kitchen and garage.
  • The second team should do the bedrooms and the basement.

One person could sweep the house’s right side (that includes the garage) alone, so the fourth person can stay in the truck to monitor for ghost orbs through the head-mounted cameras. It’s best to keep the lights off in order to see the ghost orbs.

Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Enrtrance
Phasmophobia Tanglewood Street House Entrance

Keep in mind, with Tanglewood Street House; there’s not a lot of places to hide. If you take a look at the map, there are only two closets. It might be a small map, but it’s one of the most dangerous places to hunt, especially if you’re playing solo.

Tales From Tanglewood Chapter 1


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