Phasmophobia Sound Sensor Guide

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Phasmophobia Sound Sensor Guide
Phasmophobia Sound Sensor Guide

The person in the truck already has a lot they need to look at. Many might believe they’re a coward, but they have one of the most important jobs on the ghost hunting team. They need to keep up with all the different boards from sanity to the maps. One piece of equipment that transmits data back to the truck is the sound sensor.

What Is The Sound Sensor In Phasmophobia?

If you’re new to Phasmophobia, you’ve probably seen people sticking different sensors onto the wall. There’s an infrared sensor, a motion sensor, and a sound sensor.

  • The sound sensor places a yellow box on the map in the truck.
  • The sound sensor can pick up noises through walls.
  • Depending on the placement of the sound sensor, a single sensor can cover multiple rooms.

How Do You Use The Sound Sensor In Phasmophobia?

If you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard, walk up against a wall with the sound sensor in your hand. You’ll see a preview of where to place it.

  • Unlike a motion sensor or infrared sensor, the sound sensor doesn’t need to be placed lower on a wall in case of a child-sized ghost.
  • Sound sensors can pick up both players and ghosts, so coordination is important. The truck person can see a player moving around the yellow area of the map. If there’s no green dot to indicate a player, then it’s the ghost.

Sound sensors cannot be purchased until a player is level eight. Players can only bring four sound sensors total. The price of each sound sensor is a whopping $80 each.

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