Phasmophobia Salt Shaker Guide

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Phasmophobia Salt Shaker Guide
Phasmophobia Salt Shaker Guide

Remember when you were a fresh-faced newbie playing Phasmophobia for the first time? It was always so humorous, watching a seemingly clean bedroom quickly fill up with random glowing items that make sound with piles of salt everywhere.

However, as you progressed in levels, you realized all of this was necessary.

What Is Salt For In Phasmophobia?

You’re a professional ghost hunter, not a professional chef. The salt you’re bringing into these haunted locations is to help you find a ghost.

  • Every ghost type will interact with salt.
  • Wraiths will not step in salt (there are cases where it has, but that may be bugged).
  • Wraiths are also weak to salt and will stop attacking if they come into contact with it. However, players will see an increase in ghost activity if they’re dealing with a wraith.
  • Placing a glowstick near the salt or shining a UV light nearby will show footprints after the ghost has stepped in it.

Are There Tips For Using Salt In Phasmophobia?

There are a couple of tips for using salt in Phasmophobia to your advantage.

  • Place the salt in doorways or areas you know the ghost will have to walk through.
  • Placing a glow stick down near the salt is better than having a UV light because you can have a free hand to take a photo of any footprints for extra money.

Each salt shaker can only be used three times. Players can only have a maximum of two salt shakers per round, and they cost a staggering $15 each. For salt, that’s pretty expensive.

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