Phasmophobia Prison Maps, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide

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Phasmophobia Prison Maps, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide
Phasmophobia Prison Maps, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide

The Prison map in Phasmophobia is a medium-sized map similar to Brownstone High School. While it isn’t as large as The Asylum, it can eat up your sanity quickly just looking for the ghost’s room, which can make it difficult to play, even on amateur difficulty.

Prison Map First Floor

Phasmophobia Prison Map First Floor

Prison Map Second Floor

Phasmophobia Prison Map Second Floor
Phasmophobia Prison Map Second Floor

Prison Map Tips

Prisons are already a scary place, so hunting around one in the dark for ghosts will make your skin crawl. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to make ghost hunting in Phasmophobia’s prison map trivial.

The Cells Doors Protect You (Generally)

Against most ghost types, the cell door is sufficient enough to protect you. If the ghost’s area is in one of the cell blocks, you can quickly move to another cell to safety.

The Cells Are Perfect For Getting Pictures

If you need to be alone to trigger ghost activity, it’s recommended to keep your back to a safe cell door (in case the ghost starts hunting). Don’t run away if it simply manifests. The ghost making sounds or appearing before you when it’s not hunting is not dangerous, but it is scary.

Use The Outdoor Gym To Get Between Cell Blocks

Don’t run through the main hallway and risk dying or lowering your sanity (especially if the breaker is off). You can use the outdoor gym/basketball court to traverse between both cell blocks.

Don’t Trust Your First Instinct In The Cafeteria

As of writing this, this point might be a bug, so disregard it if it’s fixed. If you get an EMF reading in the cafeteria kitchen, you should run upstairs to double-check the cafeteria security directly above it. We’ve had rounds where we set up completely in the kitchen, only for the ghost’s room to be directly above us.

Don’t Sweep With The Lights Off

If you’re swept through the office area and one of the cell blocks in the dark, your sanity should be below 50 by the time you make it across the prison to another cell block. Keep an eye out for breaker locations, so you can keep the lights on until you find the ghost.

Split Up

When sweeping, you’ll be inclined to stick together. However, you should grab your own sweeping equipment, such as a thermometer or parabolic microphone, and search on your own. You’ll find the ghost faster on larger maps that way.

Look For Ghost Orbs First

Finally, the prison map comes with pre-positioned cameras. You can try pinpointing a ghost’s location by cycling through the prison cameras before entering the prison to see if there are any ghost orbs.

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