Phasmophobia Prison Level Speculation

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Phasmophobia Prison Level Speculation
Phasmophobia Prison Level Speculation

Prisons are notorious for being haunted once they’re abandoned. If you look at any abandoned prison in the world, there’s a chance you’ll hear a ghost story or two. That’s because the souls of the dead there are angry, confused, scared, or other negative emotions they felt when they died behind bars. A prison level would be the scariest level in Phasmophobia if the execution is right (pun intended).

This Should Be The Largest Map To Date

Prisons and jails are two different things. Jails are normally smaller inside of police stations. Prisons are their own entities and meant to house a larger population of inmates. That means there should be multiple floors, multiple rooms, multiple staff rooms, a guard room, or guard towers.

They Should Be Careful Not To Look Too Similar To Asylum

An Asylum is built for the mentally unstable. It’s similar to a prison setup, with places for the residents to sleep, an area for the staff, kitchen, etc. If Kinetic Game is going to work on a prison map, they need to try to differentiate it from the Asylum level, or else it’ll be too similar and repetitive.

A Prison Map In Phasmophobia Would Be The Best Time To Introduce New Game Modes

If the rumors are true about new game modes being introduced to Phasmophobia someday, then a large level like a prison map would be the best opportunity to. Whether there’s a larger “raid” for the game, a PvP map, or a map with multiple high-level ghosts, there’s no better time than a prison level. Imagine a player-versus-player environment where players (playing as the ghost) get to have a button they can press that shuts players inside of a prison cell. That would be an interesting mechanic.

Right now, it’s all wishful thinking. With the game only having a solo developer, we can only wait and speculate what content will be next for Phasmophobia. What do you hope to see with a prison level?

Sneak Peek Into Possible Prison Map Coming Out For Phasmophobia

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