Phasmophobia Needs A Thermal Camera

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Phasmophobia Needs A Thermal Camera
Phasmophobia Needs A Thermal Camera

How terrifying would it be if Phasmophobia had a thermal camera? Phasmophobia without a thermal camera is already terrifying, but the scare factor would improve tenfold if we were able to pick up the ghost’s image through one.

What Is A Thermal Camera?

While an SLS camera is already in the works for Phasmophobia, another option should be a thermal camera. This type of camera picks up heat signatures.

Thermal Camera

If you’re familiar with ghost hunting shows, they use these cameras on location on occasion when they’re having difficulty locating a ghost. This can pick up full-body images or manifestations of a ghost.

How Would A Thermal Camera Work In Phasmophobia?

Thermal Camera Image

Kinetic Game should either introduce a thermal camera into Phasmophobia or add a thermal option to the already existing video cameras. While video cameras and thermal cameras are two completely different types of cameras, they could work in a thermal feature like they already do with the camera’s night vision. Either that or they could introduce a thermal feature to the head cameras so the truck person can alert a player they’re watching if the ghost manifests in front of them when that player can’t see it themselves.

It would bring an exciting (albeit terrifying) mechanic to Phasmophobia, being able to see a ghost’s figure on camera when they’re not visible to the naked eye.

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