Phasmophobia Motion Sensor Guide

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Phasmophobia Motion Sensor Guide
Phasmophobia Motion Sensor Guide

You and your team have found the suspected ghost room, but you also suspect the ghost isn’t very territorial like a Jinn, so you think it’s wandering away from its ghost room. Never fear, that’s why the motion sensor is here.

What Is The Motion Sensor In Phasmophobia?

The motion sensor is one of the three sensors in the game, including the infrared sensor and light sensor.

  • The motion sensor transmits a visual signal back to the truck person to indicate movement.
  • The motion sensor can pick up other players, so it’s important for the person in the truck to communicate with the players inside. The truck person can also see any living person’s movement with a green circle.
  • Players inside can see when a motion sensor is tripped if they’re not standing in front of it as the light will turn green.

Are There Any Tips For Using The Motion Sensor In Phasmophobia?

A motion sensor is one of the best ways to track a mobile ghost.

  • A recent update allows dead players to trigger motion sensors, so it’s important for a dead player not to wander around too much.
  • Place the motion sensor around waist-height in case you’re dealing with a shorter ghost.
  • Placing a motion sensor in a narrow hallway will cover the entirety of any exits players believe the ghost is moving through.

It’s also the piece of equipment needed for the motion sensor objective. In fact, it’s the only sensor that satisfies that objective. The motion sensor is the most expensive piece of equipment in Phasmophobia at $100, and players can only carry a maximum of four once they hit level 6.

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