Phasmophobia Latest News, Reviews, And Updates

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Phasmophobia Latest News, Reviews, And Updates
Phasmophobia Latest News, Reviews, And Updates

Since Phasmophobia is still in its early access state, there’s a lot to look forward to. Kinetic Games, the game studio behind Phasmophobia, has been very open about their plans, what they’re working on, and what issues they’re running into. Let’s take a look at some of Phasmopohobia’s latest news, reviews, and updates.

A Prison Level Is Well Underway

Phasmophobia Prison Level
Phasmophobia Prison Level

We’ve covered images from the planned prison level in another piece, but more images are emerging from Kinetic Games themselves. One shows a shower area, and the other shows the inside of one of the many cells in their cell block.

Phasmophobia Prison Level Cell Block
Phasmophobia Prison Level Cell Block

Are you excited about the upcoming prison level in Phasmophobia?

Players Should Have Their Dead Body Count In The Journal Now

Phasmophobia Player Journal Update
Phasmophobia Player Journal Update

A recent update fixed an issue where players were unable to get credit in the journal after taking pictures of one of their dead teammates. They would take a picture of the body, only for it to be unlabeled in the journal. When there is no label above a photo taken with the digital camera, then the photo didn’t count. This was a bug they fixed in a recent patch.

The Basketball Bounces Like A Real Basketball Now

Phasmophobia Basketball
Phasmophobia Basketball

Besides stacking paint cans, the mini basketball game in the lobby is the second most intriguing thing to do while waiting for the group to fill. However, since the game was released, the basketball felt more like a metal ball, the way it fell or rolled after being thrown. Fortunately, the basketball bounces more accurately now.

Dead Players Can Grab Non-Equipment Objects

Phasmophobia Objects
Phasmophobia Objects

Possibly the most intriguing update was giving players the ability to grab objects such as plates, forks, cups, and other non-equipment objects when they’re in their spectral form. This gives something for dead players to do, but it does open some games up to trolling. Players will purposely die so they can throw things at living players.

Possible Level Reset Coming

Phasmophobia Level Reset
Phasmophobia Level Reset

Some players are already in the hundreds or thousands when it comes to their level. Kinetic Games already announced a new leveling system is in the works that will scale the experience per level. There’s no doubt this rework will bring about a level reset.

Phasmophobia Has Over 100,000 Reviews

The game has only been around for a couple of months, but it has already stacked up over 100,000 (mostly overwhelmingly positive) reviews. Let’s take a look at some of the recent ones.

Posted on November 21st by “Handsome Will.”

This game is hilarious and terrifying at the same time. I am notoriously bad at horror games and as such I am awful at this, but playing with people you know makes this enjoyable no matter your skill level, which is a very big thing.

Some maps are definitely scarier than others, I’m only level 4 so I haven’t played on any larger maps aside from the high school, which was too much for me. It’s also definitely

worth having a group of 4 to play with, as having fewer can make the larger maps extremely difficult to properly play, I think.

There is jank in the game for sure, but that often plays to its benefit. The spastic animations of the ghost’s movement adds to the unnatural feel, and the players’ animations haven’t affected my immersion at all. The only real place the animations matter is the kill animation of the ghost crawling on your face, and that looks just fine.

The game does not lie when it says each investigation can play out differently. The different behaviours by the ghosts are palpable, even if they’re the same type. For example, my friend and I just had 2 demons in a row – one was extremely aggressive with the lights, both switching them off and flipping the circuit breaker over and over again; while the second was content to throw items around its room instead (The giveaway was the Demon’s unique ability to hunt at a higher sanity threshold, and it was definitely a demon both times). The suspense which gets built as different items are interacted with by the ghost, and the jumpscares – which the game definitely doesn’t rely on, but happen anyway – when things like a car alarm get activated.

The few criticisms I have:

Occasionally, the ghost really does not like to present the evidence needed to determine what it is. For example, I’ve had ghosts just refuse to write in the Ghost Writing Book despite being asked to over the spirit box and everything, and sometimes when it has turned out that the ghost type should have presented Ghost Orbs, they’ve never ever appeared on the film cameras, despite them being set up before the setup timer (I still only really play on Amateur) has ended and having them watched constantly.

The thermometer should be part of the starter kit. I found out how useful it was because I played with a group of randoms as my first game after the tutorial before my friend had installed the game, and they told me how good it was, and it’s true, the thermometer is almost vital for determining the location of the Ghost Room. Since then, I’ve taken a thermometer with me every single time and it has always been invaluable.

The crucifix seems very fickle, I’ve never had it work yet. I certainly believe it does work because I’ve read about it on the wiki, but I’ve still never succeeded in preventing a hunt. I’ve tried laying them around a ghost room, walking around with it out as a hunt is about to start, amongst other things, and I have yet to complete the “Prevent a hunt by using a crucifix” objective. Perhaps I’m just using it wrong, I don’t know.

The animations which determine which angle a player is looking up or down is abysmal with how they bend their entire body on a pivoting point. A common joke between me and my friend is to hold no items and look down, as it makes your character look like they’re naruto running. This isn’t a major point, it just looks extremely dumb.

I’ve heard on the Steam discussions that the dev team is either extremely small, or just a single person. If this is true, I strongly believe that you should hire a larger team and properly flesh out this game, before someone in possession of a stronger, larger dev team comes along and creates a more polished version of Phasmophobia. This game is very much lightning in a bottle, and has the potential to be incredible – it’s already very very good, and I know I’m only adding to the chorus of people who think a larger dev team is needed.

Posted on November 17th by “Reset.”

There are four things to keep in mind.

  1. This game is meant for easily scared people or if you are going to game with easily scared friends. The game itself isn’t really scary if you have a “tough” mind (I mean, the ghosts talk in Alexa/Google translator).
  2. Microphone is a must.
  3. Difficulty is closely related to how many players you have — a player can only carry three items at once, and since difficulty doesn’t scale, more players means more equipment and faster objective completion.
  4. How you approach the mission changes the difficulty. There are equipment that can more easily identify the ghost and others that take more time/guesswork, which gives the ghost more time to get aggresive. So yeah, it’s possible to just storm the place with “correct equipment” and insta complete the mission or try and get more immersive with less precise tools.

Keeping those in mind, Phasmophobia is an incredible game. A coop horror game that is actually scary and not just “shoot things” like FEAR3 and Dead Space were is one of the things I most wanted for years, and this one gave me just that.

Posted on November 14th by “Nanook.”

I missed a horror game that would cause me to panic instead of just grabbing a gun and killing the enemy after some random scares. Whenever I got locked with a ghost inside the house, my heart races and I started to panic. It’s so much fun!

I simply loved it!

Update: Phasmophobia June 2021 update

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