Phasmophobia Journal: Entry Two

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Phasmophobia Journal Entry Two

Welcome to another entry in my Phasmophobia journal, where I chronicle my pain. You expected me to say “journey,” didn’t you? That would be too cliche.

No, I meant pain.

The Prison

Phasmophobia Team Sanity

Let’s just say; I’ve spent more time in the new prison map in Phasmophobia than my face should have been in my college textbooks. It’s not like my prison time through the completely unstable beta build of Phasmophobia was voluntary.

Phasmophobia Select A Contact Screen

No, I was forced against my will. It was like going to an In-And-Out Burger where they only serve two things on their menu. For the record, I love In-And-Out Burger, but when you only have either the Asylum or the Prison, you’re going to get tired of things really fast.

Endless Bugs

Phasmophobia Total Activity Screen

Before I get into this: I understand Phasmophobia is in its alpha/beta state right now. I’m not going to be angry over bugs. They’re annoying, yes, but completely understandable. It does suck when the ghost is stuck in an endless hunt. My two teammates were in the prison for one map with a ghost that never stopped hunting. It went on for about fifteen minutes before we ended up hitting ALT+F4 and vowing never to go into the prison again.

Phasmophobia Main Screen

Unfortunately, it’s not like we had a choice. We could either go into the prison or jump into the Asylum, and since none of us are masochists, we did exactly what masochists do and consensually subjected ourselves to the smaller prison instead. We would take pictures of ghosts, only for our teammates being unable to see them.

Phasmophobia Photo Book

Nothing quite like getting a great picture of a ghost and not getting to show it off because of a bug that puts a sky or black screen in its place. We thought taking more pictures of the ghost would help. What did I say about masochists?

Phasmophobia Photo Book 2

Who said the quote, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?” Albert Einstein, right?

Phasmophobia Game Play

I’ll go and Google it really quick since I died hiding inside a room to a ghost type that shouldn’t have been able to walk through a door.

Fun times in the beta build.

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