Phasmophobia Journal: Entry Three

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Phasmophobia Journal Entry Three

“Check out these awesome pictures of the ghost I took Bryan!”

My teammates would tell me as I sat in the truck monitoring everything. To be honest, I don’t like sitting in the truck, it’s kind of a boring job after a while. Listening to your teammates screaming from inside a haunted location as you wait for a red motion sensor line to turn green is not my idea of fun.

Phasmophobia Monitor

But alas, someone needs to monitor the CCTV system and video cameras to look for ghost orbs, inform other players of their sanity levels, and keep my eyes glued on the sound sensor if we haven’t pinpointed the ghost’s location.

Some of the fun is watching the CCTV for the prison and watching the ghost blink in and out of existence as it chases my teammates around corridors.

Phasmophobia Monitor Prison Building View
Phasmophobia Monitor Ghost In Prison Building

It’s helpful if I can see exactly where the ghost spawns, especially in the bigger cell blocks, so I can tell them exactly where to place ghostwriting books, crucifixes, etc.

Phasmophobia Ghost On Left

When someone dies, I need to step in, and just my luck, when that happened, I was spooked out of my mind. There’s nothing quite like the heart attack you feel when you’re walking down a hallway, not knowing where the ghost is, and it spawns right in front of you. When their silhouette is black like this, they’re not a danger to you, but they still give you a good scare, especially when you’re not expecting it.

That’s why, I suggested we go to a smaller map to take a break from spamming the prison map over and over. Of course, their idea of a smaller map was Brownstone High School, where again, I was relegated to truck duty.

Phasmophobia Monitor View Of Brownstone School

Exciting times. Very exciting times from inside the truck.

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