Phasmophobia Journal: Entry Six

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Phasmophobia Journal Entry Six
Phasmophobia Journal Entry Six

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Finally, I was allowed to go inside of the locations. As much as I love paying full price for a video game where I sit inside a truck staring at my computer monitor at my character staring at a computer monitor, I sometimes want to get down and dirty with some demons.

Phasmophobia Video Game EMF Reading 001

For those who don’t know, my group rarely lets me inside of the house because I’m the one who funds the operation. If I die, they know I lose the most money (since you don’t get insurance money on professional difficulty). Thanks for your concern, ladies, and gentlemen, but this is a risk I’m willing to take. I’m sure it’s because someone has to do it, and no one wants to stay in the truck because that’s like waiting in the car for your mom to be done grocery shopping.

Phasmophobia Video Game Setting Up Equipment 002

I was so excited about the opportunity to be inside of the haunted locations that I started jumping on the bed. Maybe it’s because I felt extra confident knowing I was standing on top of a crucifix. That confidence quickly left my body faster than the soul left the body of whoever died here when I saw the crucifix disappear. I made a human-shaped hole through the door, similar to Wile E. Coyote.

Phasmophobia Video Game Ghost Detected 003

My other two teammates? Well, they didn’t have the same luck. At least they got a sweet picture for me to use for this journal before tasting sweet death at the hands of a unity-flipped zombie.

Phasmophobia Video Game Spotting Ghost Orbs In Prison 004

The next location we went to was the prison. After spotting the fattest ghost orb floating daintily around the cafeteria without a care in the world, we went straight there to make a mess of ourselves. Books, salt, EMF readers, we threw it in there as if we had no care in the world for the prison’s janitorial staff.

Here’s the problem with setting up in the prison cafeteria. Where the heck do we even put anything? We put everything right inside the entrance of the cafeteria. No writing, no EMF, no salt, nothing to indicate the ghost was there. We knew the ghost was there because he showed his giant white balls to us on the camera.

We couldn’t move the salt, but we could move everything else. The way we were moving items, it felt like we could have played the Benny Hill theme around the cafeteria while looking for this ghost.

Sound sensors, motion sensors, infrared sensors, nothing was telling us exactly where this ghost was. We even put salt on the other side of the cafeteria. The sucker didn’t want to step in anything. Our last hope for trying to figure out where the ghost was hanging out in the cafeteria was by having one lucky teammate stay in the cafeteria while we all watched the CCTV to see exactly where it was spawning. Unfortunately, that didn’t work because the spot in spawns at doesn’t necessarily indicate its location when it’s passive. We figured this out after our poor guinea pig bait spent at least half an hour getting hunted every 5 seconds.

We didn’t walk out with the type of ghost or any evidence except for its big glowing white orbs. Our next high school run was also a monumental failure, but that’s a story for another day.

Phasmophobia Video Game Watch Your Step 005

Watch your step!

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