Phasmophobia Journal: Entry One

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Hello, my name is Bryan Havoc, and I’ve been playing Phasmophobia since release. I’m writing this as my first journal entry as I document my adventures through the wonderfully unfinished world of Phasmophobia. I say this lovingly. I understand the game is still in its early access state, but the nightly fun I have with my friends and random people I meet makes this a game I foresee myself playing long after the game’s full release.

So Much For Being The Truck Guy

When I’m playing with my friends, they designate me as the truck person. We only play on professional, so there’s no “set up” phase. Theoretically, the ghost should be able to hunt as soon as we open the door. Imagine if that happened? One person walks in, and all of a sudden, the door slams on everyone else’s face.

Jot that down for a future hardcore mode. The sheer anxiety of knowing nothing about where the ghost is as soon as you walk in is terrifying. At least, if it hunts when you’re in a different part of the house, you can hunker down in a nearby room or closet.

Anyway, I make it a point to come in and help sweep for the ghost. My duties as “truck daddy” (as they call me) don’t begin until the ghost room is found. I’ll also try to bring in cameras or motion sensors since, even on professional difficulty, the ghost shouldn’t be dangerous yet, but they insist on having me glued to the monitor to look for ghost orbs as soon as the cameras are inside.

However, one of them got so spooked; I decided to relieve them of their duties inside. Even though I funded the entire operation, I went inside to help antagonize the ghost to trigger ghost activity. Antagonize I did; it was so angry at me, it threw a ball at me from the bathroom as I was trying to walk out of the second floor of Ridgeview Road House. Don’t ask me how it was able to do that.

After my teammate worked the nerve to go back in, we traded places. I was stuck watching the monitor to see if the ghost walked in salt or tripped any motion sensors. The ghost was relatively tame after I left. At that point I asked myself, “Maybe it’s a banshee?”  and I was their unfortunate victim?

I don’t know if a banshee’s activity is also tied to whether the person is in the house or not? All I know is the banshee only has one target until they die, but I also read they switch targets if their main target leaves the house, but I can’t be bothered to do the research to confirm that. I believe I read on the Phasmophobia Wiki that the banshee will switch targets if the main target is in the truck, but this wasn’t a scientific method I wanted to test with my friends.

The Ghost Took Forever To Spawn

It stepped in salt, we took the crucifixes out, and they spent a good twenty minutes in the room saying the ghost’s name and insulting its mother. Nothing was working. It didn’t even manifest. We already knew what type of ghost it was. It was a ghost who responded to everyone, and it wasn’t a Shade, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t have, at the very least, made it’s Grudge “throat-clicking” sound.

We ended up walking out with only one optional objective done because we couldn’t get a picture of the ghost or get it to stop hunting with the crucifix.

Guess we’ll never know what it looked like. You win today, shy ghost that wasn’t a Shade.

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  1. thats crazy it was able to come out and throw the ball all the way down the hall u must have made it mad LOL

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