Phasmophobia Journal: Entry Four

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Phasmophobia Journal Entry Four

Despite the fact that I’ve established myself as a legitimate ghost hunter, I’m still relegated to truck duty. It’s always fun seeing the action through the video cameras I place strategically throughout the ghost’s room. Sometimes I zone out watching the camera that I completely forget to warn my teammates of a ghost’s presence.

Phasmophobia Truck Monitor

The ghost was standing right in front of the video camera in The Asylum, but I was so zoned out watching the camera’s feed I didn’t warn my teammates of the impending jump scare they were about to encounter.

Phasmophobia In front Of The Camera

Imagine walking into the room and having that be the first thing you see? Rest in peace to my ears after they screamed into their microphone.

Phasmophobia Journal Activate Smudge Sticks

Sometimes, they ask me to come inside to activate a smudge stick, but they don’t want me risking my money because I’m the one who funds the whole operation. On a rare occasion, I encounter a jump scare of my own when running into the house, but I’ve only been in the house during an active hunt, maybe once this entire week.

Phasmophobia Journal Photo Book

We’re still encountering a few bugs, such as the photo being black instead of showing the photo we want and telling us dirty water is an “interaction,” which, technically it is. Still, we’re not even getting credit for clearly-defined footprints on the floor, so we don’t know what’s going on. The journal is the Thunderdome of photos from the photo camera.

Phasmophobia Journal Photo Evidence Entries

Sometimes we even get a picture of the ghost without the ghost in it, but at least it counts. Photos of the ghost are where the big money is, but I wouldn’t know because I’m almost never the one standing inside for photos.

Phasmophobia Older Woman In House

At least the one time I did go in to drop off some items, I caught the photo of a lonely old woman yearning to leave the house she’s inhabiting.

I’m waiting for my heart rate to go back down.

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