Phasmophobia Journal: Entry Five

2 min

Great news, after days of getting relegated to truck duty, I finally convinced my team to let me sweep the location. Honestly, as safe as truck duty sounds, it’s not very fun watching the monitors through my friend’s head cameras or the video cameras around the house.

I was so eager to go in I grabbed my thermometer and flashlight, forgot to pick up a second item, and forgot to pick up a key. I was banging my head against the front door, waiting for someone to run back into the truck and grab the key so I can be the first one in and tell everyone, “I found the ghost room!”

Of course, I was so eager; I ran directly to the basement, where I assumed a ghost would be in Edgefield Street house before another teammate walked into the living room and saw the television and light turn on. That’s the sign of a Jinn. At least I was already in the basement to hit the fuse and weaken it a bit.

We did a couple more normal houses and farmhouses where I took some fantastic photos of ghosts, scaring the pants off of myself because I’m not used to getting close and personal with the ghosts.

Seriously, look at this ghost. No wonder he’s mad. I’d be mad, too, if I looked like a human zipper. I’m not even sure what he’s holding in his hand, a sword? Actually, upon further investigation of this screenshot, it might just be one of the tripod’s legs holding up the video camera.

I think maybe I’m more confident playing on smaller maps like Ridgeview or Edgefield street house. If we were in prison, it would be a different story. My eyes would be glued to the CCTV, watching Revenants chase my friends through cell blocks. I’m sorry but, the Revenants in cell blocks are the worst. There’s no outrunning them, and we can’t seem to panic close the cells fast enough.

At least I can watch from the safety of the truck in this scenario.

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