Phasmophobia: Insurance Money

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Phasmophobia Insurance Money
Phasmophobia Insurance Money

No one wants to have insurance money in Phasmophobia because that only means one thing: you died. Dying comes with a consequence in Phasmophobia, and that’s most likely why people are afraid of doing so.

What Happens When You Die In Phasmophobia?

Walking around a dark house or a dark school is scary and everything, but there’s nothing scarier than losing your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens when you die in Phasmophobia. When you die in Phasmophobia, you don’t lose money directly, but you lose your hard-earned items. Fortunately, there’s insurance money. Unfortunately, the higher difficulty you’re playing, the less insurance money you get. We’ll take a closer look at what that means.

For now, nobody want to see these ghostly hands wrapped around their face:

Phasmophobia Hands
Phasmophobia Hands (Credit:

On amateur difficulty: players receive 50% of the value of the items lost.

On intermediate difficulty: players receive 25% of the value of the items lost. On professional difficulty: players receive no money.

What Is Insurance Money In Phasmophobia?

If you happen to get past the black screen of death in Phasmophobia, then you might hear people in your lobby tell you they earned over $100 while you’re only walking away with $40, but why is that? The reason they may have more money than you is because they died in the game. They’re being reimbursed a portion of the items they lost when they were killed. That’s why some end up staying in the truck to coordinate the group inside.

How Do I Get Insurance Money In Phasmophobia?

You don’t want to get insurance money in Phasmophobia because that meant you met your untimely end in the game.

  1. Dying in Phasmophobia gets you insurance money.
  2. When you die in Phasmophobia, you lose your items.
  3. The insurance money only covers a portion of the items you lost.

So try not to die in Phasmophobia. Insurance money helps people not have to grind for all of their stuff back, but it’s still a noticeable loss.

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